Pick up issue 22

13, Dr. - strange occultist of great power, known for granting wishes in a genie-ish fashion (ie, ironic); issue 12 mentioned as granting Medusa her powers; issue 13 is mentioned again as Laughton quizzes Medusa more; Laughton investigates Dr. 13 further; post-13 several victims are named (qv, Wallflower, Gas Attack, Mama Pudding, Natasha; rumored to have been involved with Dr. Doom); issue 19 is investigated more actively by Laughton

20/20 - TV show hosts an interview with Sammy as part of publicity campaign against ABC between issues 10 and 11

7-11 - Issue 12 one in Detroit is the site of an investigation by the JS and calls police on them

719 Society – organization dedicated to reparations for the 719 mutants killed in Origin by government forces; introduced post-issue 14; linked to Mutant Liberation Front; post-issue 15 approaches Suzanne Palmer to represent them; turned down by Palmer, though with her offer for help if they change some of their objectives; revisits help with Suzanne and successfully with Laughton via Frank Eyes

ABC (Atomic-Bacterial-Chemical) Corporation – Major industrial/scientific/research firm with government and underworld links; first mentioned in issue 3 as seeking Sammy; mentioned as possible creator of Slayer; mentioned in issue 8 as possible creator of Mocker; mentioned in issue 9 as one of a few organizations capable of having made the goo that was used to ensnare Sammy by Omega, presumed to be the guilty party; issue 10 believed to have dumped chemicals badly damaging the Heap's lake; via August Romans, Arthur Remington, and a legal delegation delivers restraining order against Laughton to stay away from their "property" X2783 (Sammy); attempt to regain possession of Sammy through legal means; issue 11 in court against Sammy, losing to Suzanne Palmer's defense; issue 21 attempts to sweet-talk Sammy into a friendly relationship, to no avail

Adams, Barry – see Roadrunner

Amazing Nothing Thing (ANT) (Martin Cleaver) – mutant formerly disappearing to nothing; post-issue 14 Suzanne Palmer takes his case against the police wherein he claims they harassed him; meets Suzanne telepathically; post-issue 15 is discussed as a possible weapon against Kingpin; is examined by Sihn and contact is established; issue 18 agrees to assist Justice Squad in dangerous mission against Kingpin in  his Glitterati Hotel; visits Diane in hospital briefly as arrives in NY to join Peevish; grabbed by Kingpin; rescued by Justice Squad; retires from adventuring thereafter; issue 19 his case continues to be pushed back by Lucy Coe's office; issue 21 Lucy Coe agrees to allow trial, his case is won by Spectrum

Angelus, Vito – distant cousin to Eduardo Tocci and member of crime family; post-issue 15 is discovered to be the killer of Sihn’s mother; issue 16 captured, and interrogated by the Justice Squad, killed by the Troll

Announcer – Seemingly disembodied (desolid) voice sidekick of Game Show Host; introduced in issue 2 with Game Show Host, attempting to kill Eduardo Tocci (qv) and family; defeated by JS and imprisoned; between issues 10 and 11 interviewed by Sihn, revealing his association and origin via the Game Show Host, and that he was/is Professor Irving Johnson

Anthony Pesto's - Restaurant mentioned by manager of Red Wine River in issue 8 in attempt to move Sammy along

Archie – Men In Black agent; post-issue 15 establishes ties with Sihn; issue 19 contacts Sihn to discuss Martian incident, is given Martian's body, is annoyed at lack of brain; sends Betty to pick up body; reveals Professor X' disappearance may be attributed to secret government organization Dark Force

Armitron - energy-discharging wanted non-registrant mutant; issue 17 sighted at Glitterati Hotel during Kingpin investigation

Artless Dodger - Arch-nemesis of Flaming Carrot; issue 10 overheard on phone as new member of Bogeyman's Gang of Five; captured by JS with rest of gang

Babble Fish – Three-eyed fish native to Great Lakes that can translate any language telepathically; introduced in issue 5 as Eliot Sihn is called upon by Roger Bentley (qv) to examine it, it escapes, is recaptured and united with a mate, rescued in an operation by Aela Oceanchild (also mentioned in issue 6), for reproduction; if does not mate promptly, dies; breeding grounds in and around swamps of Belle Isle

Baroni’s – Slightly upscale family restaurant in Detroit, formerly mob meeting place; introduced in issue 6 as site of summit between Eduardo Tocci (qv) and JS, becomes favorite haunt for Sammy as Tocci cultivates him; issue 8 almost visited by Laughton and Sammy, instead they leave note with Eduardo Tocci's driver; issue 10 visited by Sammy as Eduardo Tocci cultivates him; frequented between issues 10 and 11 by Sammy in continuing Tocci effort; post-issue 15 is the site of Tocci’s kidnapping by the Justice Squad

Baroni, Giuseppe – Proprietor and master chef of Baroni’s (qv); introduced in issue 6, meets Sammy for whom he cooks dishes, passes messages for Eduardo Tocci (qv) without understanding them as he speaks only Italian;

Beard, Frank – WEB agent; post-issue 15 establishes a relationship with Laughton; issue 18 is contacted by Laughton regarding Kingpin investigation; sends agents in support; issue 19 vouches for Oldham's credibility in pursuit of rescue of Professor X

Bender - Robot imitation of cartoon Bender; issue 10 appears as part of Bogeyman's Gang of Five and is captured by JS; issue 15 back with Bogeyman and attacks Justice Squad but is defeated and imprisoned

Bender, ? - Issue 12 policeman mildly assisting JS and lauded by Laughton to Berger

Bentley, Roger – Government agent linked to Babble Fish (qv); introduced in issue 5, notated as “high-strung snotty Englishman”, demands Sihn examine the fish

Berger, ? – Detroit lead police detective, rumored to be bad cop; introduced in issue 3 aggravating the JS as a mutant-hater, attempts to arrest the unregistered Sammy; also runs across them at apprehension of Sol Bernstein’s murderer and in the salt mines after defeating a cell of the Purple Hat Gang; issue 6 questions Laughton regarding Purple Hat Gang and Levi Goldman with Lucy Coe (qv); issue 12 seen investigating scene of JS battle with Medusa, Shooter, and Dr. Normal; issue 13 appears in coffee shop that was site of abduction of Caruthers and Velda; issue 15 shows up to investigate after the Justice Squad defeats Bogeyman and his crew, follows up on whether Sprite is properly registered, warning Sprite to stay away from the Squad; issue 19 arrives at Laughton Agency to investigate disturbance caused by Martian attack; issue 21 questions Neumann, much to his aggravation

Bernstein Mutants – Family of genetically engineered mutants including Stigmata, Sheila Shield, Spaz, Slayer, and possibly others (see each entry)

Bernstein, Lemmy – Purple Hat Gang cell leader, relative to Sol Bernstein (qv); issue 4 introduced, hurt in combat and captured by JS, interrogated and reveals much of Purple Hat Gang operations in return for a life in exile in the Belle Isle swamps; issue 10 reveals he saw James Wheaton, connected to ABC, involved in chemical dumping on Belle Isle

Bernstein, Sol – Laundromat chain owner and Purple Hat Gang (qv) boss; introduced in issue 1, first brought up by Jonas Hell (qv) as Hell investigated him, then seen as investigated briefly by Davis and Laughton; between issues 1 and 2 seriously investigated by Laughton and Davis; issue 2 defeated in attempt to massacre Eduardo Tocci and family at church with Game Show Host (qv), kidnapped by Laughton; issue 3 interrogated by JS, revealing a few clues; when dropped off with the police he is killed by a mobster

Berry, Mayor Bo – Detroit mayor, ex-boy band singer; has secret relationship with Laughton/Rodin, often speaking with Laughton in his stone form; introduced in issue 6 berating Laughton for turning over mutants to feds; issue 8 Laughton appeals to him for assistance against accusations of cannibalism and torture, getting some assistance in return for the recent cooperation with local authorities, but warning regarding their behavior and his limits in protecting them;  post-issue 14 receives credit for keeping Detroit calm during the riots engulfing other cities in the wake of the Origin battle; issue 15 addresses Rodin, revealing city hall is under the influence of the Kingpin regardless of his desires, and Laughton ought not appear there

Betty - Men-in-Black agent; issue 19 recovers Martian body from Sihn

Big Ugly Bug (BUB) – Mutant resembling a big ugly bug; befriends the Troll post-issue 14 in Origin, letting the Troll stay with him; served provisional, ineffectual government of Origin; contacts Sihn to arrange later staying with him following the Origin disaster, a fugitive of the law though it is unclear if the government knows his involvement; post-issue 15 it is mentioned he was visiting during issue 15, leaving shortly thereafter; issue 19 visits Sihn, staying at Sihn-tek

Blue Moon Detective Agency – Chain detective agency in several major cities, run by Maddy Hayes (qv); introduced in issue 1 by former employee Jonas Hell (qv) and investigated as part of Purple Hat conspiracy by Laughton and Davis, shown to be in great trouble as Maddy Hayes berates hapless local agency manager Jimmy Caruthers (qv); between issues 1 and 2 local Blue Moon becomes franchised to Laughton and Davis; issue 19 puts up ads aggressively targeting Laughton Agency and begins siphoning customers; issue 21 known to be getting more clients from Laughton Agency

Blue Ray Jay – Talking blue jay, does “Ray Jay Johnston” bit ad nauseum, was originally human turned into a blue jay by witch for this, living in Belle Isle swamps; introduced in issue 5 misdirecting JS (despite being paid) from the path of the Babble Fish (qv) and into a nest of vampires;

Bogeyman – Megalomaniac crazed mutant criminal gang leader, has a head that is a flaming pumpkin and has several supernatural pumpkin and flame powers; introduced in issue 1 as fighting the JS (with Bud Girl, Mocker, Octal Fist, Pterodactyl, Shooter, Slayer) after just leading the massacre of mob members on pay of the Purple Hat Gang (qv); escapes that encounter; issue 2 known to robbing an armored car with gang (with Bud Girl, Mocker, Mosquito, Slayer); issue 3 known to be robbing a bank with gang (with Bud Girl, Mocker, Mosquito, Slayer); mentioned as disassociated from Purple Hat Gang; issue 8 leads successful robbery of crystal in Diamond Court against JS, losing Mocker and Professor X, without would-be gaining of Slayer,  in the process but escaping with Mosquito and Bud Girl; issue 8 he and/or members of his gang known to fax taunts to Laughton/Blue Moon agency after having slain all employees of a small business; issue 10 taunts JS; defeated and captured by JS; issue 15 attacks Justice Squad for vengeance with Mocker, Bender, Hammerhead, Rock Paper Scissors, and Mover Shaker, is defeated and imprisoned

Border Crossing – mutant night club in SE Detroit, introduced post-issue 14 as a haunt of the Troll

Bottom Feeder – Hideously deformed Detroit mutant; consults with Suzanne Palmer post-issue 14 re suing his ex-employer; post-issue 14 Suzanne works on his case; wins case

Boulliard, Michael - ABC Executive; issue 9 investigated by Laughton for anonymous client, found to be employing people for an unofficial purpose, as well as a major jerk; 

Bronco, Samuel - Deputy Inspector at Stark Industries; mentioned in issue 8, concerned with the public image of the Troll

Bud Girl – Hyper-attractive (mind alteringly so) mutant; introduced in issue 1 as part of Bogeyman’s gang, fighting the forming JS after having participated in a massacre of mafia members on pay by the Purple Hat Gang (qv); is captured by the JS but released by unprepared policemen, escaping; issue 2 known to be part of Bogeyman’s gang robbing an armored car; issue 3 known to be robbing a bank as part of Bogeyman’s gang; issue 8 as part of Bogeyman's gang steals crystal at Diamond Court and escapes JS; issue 9 her mother is seen; she is detected and captured by JS while shopping; given over to federal government; issue 15 mind gets Laughton to help her with her groceries, revealing she is paroled; further reveals Bogeyman and a new set of henchman are going to attack the Justice Squad; issue 19 is known to be morning meteorology anchor on local channel

Buffy (Summers) the Vampire Slayer – Detroit demon/vampire-hunting heroine; first seen in issue 5, running across JS in Belle Isle as they seek Babble Fish while she seeks vampires; develops crush on Eliot Sihn; goes out with Jonas Hell; issue 7 her car is seen in Jonas Hell's hands; issue 8 broke up with Jonas Hell; issue 9 found to be the subject of the search by a vampire (Damien, qv) contracting Laughton, is contacted by Laughton and warned; visited later at rave by JS; makes acquaintance of Suzanne during trip to assist Detroit against a monstrously mutated Heap;  issue 10 intends to kill the pained but seemingly rampaging Heap; befriends Suzanne after adventure with Heap;  issue 11 invites and takes Suzanne Palmer to a rave; issue 13 attacks and defeats Damien and his ilk at his lair with JS ; post-issue 14 visited socially by Spectrum; arranges with Giles to rent space from Sihn-tek; issue 16 her birthday is celebrated with Spectrum, Sammy, Lefty, and "Scooby Gang"; issue 19 is visited by Suzanne Palmer, Kietersling is discussed

Cabot, Phil - NY crime boss; issue 18 is worked against by Laughton after being found out for double-dealing against Kingpin; issue 19 under a spell by Kietersling flies to Detroit and spills his guts about his operation to Laughton

Captain, The (Marty Davis) – (Originally PC)  Introduced in issue 1, adventures with JS through issue 13, when leaves, mutating into an even-more powerful being; lectures JS, betraying a messianic complex and telling Sihn to have Lefty studied in a laboratory, leaves to study Origin and report to "the government in Washington"; post-issue 14 many of his foibles are mentioned from the Fox Force Five files; sends Justice Squad congratulatory and condescending note for their success against Kingpin

Carter, Chris - (fictionalized) producer of X-Files, etc.; mentioned in issue 21 as friend to Gas Attack and contact to Dr. 13

Caruthers, Jimmy – Detective, introduced in issue 1 as local head of the Detroit branch of the Blue Moon Detective Agency (qv), under great stress for business problems; he is immediately the subject of a harassment campaign by Laughton; between issues 1 and 2, due to Laughton’s words to police, is interviewed for involvement with Devil’s Night Massacre; issue 3 seen briefly attempting to deal nicely with Laughton; issue 7 assists JS re the Kingpin paper left in their fax, is annoyed with Sammy; issue 8 seen briefly pointing out Namor on television; works alone in the office on Thanksgiving; issue 9 seen grousing about no one attending Laughton agency after a minor emergency distracts everyone; later contacts Laughton to indicate office has been fire-bombed, helps investigate; issue 10 assists Maddy Hayes in interviewing Suzanne Palmer; named COO of Blue Moon/Laughton Agency in Detroit; attempts reconciliation with Laughton, failed; is frightened by Lefty; issue 13 discovered with Velda tied up, tattooed with Kingpin's symbol as was Captain; issue 14 his office is moved into a small space used for storage; post-issue 14 Laughton assigns him the task of surveying the homeless to determine if Fox Force Five return, as part of Laughton’s attempts to humiliate him and marginalize his role; resists role, spared as Manny Wulfenstein volunteers to take it on, apparently liking Caruthers; covertly has DNA stolen and analyzed by Sihn who is investigating for possible Fox Force Five plants; post-issue 15 is alluded to as a stooge against Kingpin

Chase, Cordelia - acquaintance to Buffy the Vampire Slayer; introduced in issue 11 at rave to Suzanne Palmer; is "rewarded" for her dismissive rude behavior by Suzanne with clumsy dancing feet; post-issue 14 mentioned as Suzanne socializes with the group

Church of the Blessed Sacrament - Major Catholic church in Detroit; issue 2 first seen as site of attack by Game Show Host and company on behalf of Purple Hat Gang on the Toccis; issue 4 seen as the entry point to the Purple Gang HQ; issue 11 the local priest is mentioned as a contact to Magneto

Cleaver, Martin – see Amazing Nothing Thing

Coe, Lucy – Detroit Assistant District Attorney; introduced in issue 6 demanding Laughton turn over the Purple Hat gangsters he/JS hold; confronts Laughton about Levi Goldman, allegedly (and actually) in their custody, almost arrests him, questions him downtown with Det. Berger (qv);  makes clear she wants local mutants that JS catches to be turned to local police instead of federal government; she is reached by Laughton with leads on the Purple Hat Gang; issue 8 warns Laughton regarding the increasing evidence of JS torture and cannibalism; later gets Laughton to admit JS holds Mocker and bring in some of his pieces; issue 9 "tipped off" (as part of a deceitful plan) by Laughton as to the transfer of Bud Girl and Slayer to federal custody, shows up at Blue Moon/Laughton Agency to attempt to gain custody for state; issue 19 mentioned as holding back Amazing Nothing Thing's case; issue 21 contacts Laughton to discuss the ANT case, agrees to stop pushing trial back in exchange for dinner with Laughton

Comet – Major Miami super hero; post-issue 13 Laughton approaches him about Kingpin, it is noted that Comet is using a government communication channel; plans to meet Laughton in Detroit; post-issue 14 meets Laughton in Detroit; gives Laughton disk of Fisk/Kingpin notes; appears he has done little against Kingpin recently and is nervous, probably has family; meets most of Justice Squad (sans Troll)

Coolidge Air Force Base – mentioned in issue 14 as where the Justice Squad is escorted to and briefly detained en route to Canada

Council of Purity – organization dedicated to cleansing Origin of non-mutants mentioned post-issue 14; opposed by Non-Thinkers Guid

Crocker, Judge - tough judge in Detroit; issue 19 mentioned briefly as presiding in a case Suzanne Palmer is trying, will not grant recess to her as she secretly needs to assist Justice Squd

Crystal, Jennie - Socialite known for her extravagant parties and charity work; mentioned between issues 1 and 2 as attending the church Sol Bernstein (qv) is attending

Cunningham, Fritz - Detroit Free Press crusading reporter; introduced in issue 9 as Laughton runs across him in O'Malley's bar; Laughton asks him to stay out of O'Malley's and otherwise spying on JS in return for tips on news; issue 10 is called by Laughton to cover the Heap and polluted lake story; covers story and exposes government would-be cover-up; also contacted to cover defeat of Bogeyman's Gang of Five 

Cyclops (AKA Scott Summers) – X-Men team member, school friend of Eliot Sihn; first mentioned between issues 6 and 7 as Eliot researches if Professor X is safe; lover to Jean Grey (Marvel Girl); issue 8 seen leading X-Men to pick up Professor X

Damien - vampire; between issues 8 and 9 seeks Laughton's assistance in finding a female, who turns out to be Buffy the Vampire Slayer in issue 9; issue 13 becomes a subject of investigation by Laughton; attacked and killed with followers by Buffy and JS; 

Daniels, James - District Attorney of Detroit, most senior African-American in city politics; introduced in issue 9 visiting Suzanne Palmer, persuading her to hide her identity better when around the JS to keep his office out of the public eye; otherwise friendly with Palmer; invites self to dinner with her; issue 10 regrets Suzanne's decision to leave; post-issue 14 contacts Suzanne to see if she wants to “come out of retirement” and work for his office, betraying to her that her past has been altered somehow;

Dampener – Mutant mentalist for hire who has the ability to dampen certain powers; issue 14 fights with Fox Force Five against Justice Squad; post-issue 14 it is found his mind is impenetrable

Daredevil – renowned “man with no fear” of Chicago; post-issue 14 Laughton investigates his “remains” as he is believed dead, bringing DNA sample to Sihn, found to be not him post-issue 15

Dark Force - mysterious government agency; issue 16 is briefly mentioned as a lead in Professor X' disappearance; issue 19 is mentioned again by Archie of Men-in-Black; attacked by Justice Squad in liberation of Professor X; blow up their own base after evacuating personnel in response

Davis, Marty – see Captain, The

Debord, Dr. – French mutant research scientist in Manila; post-issue 14 meets with Sihn, discusses water elementals/Lakura situation (without undue detail)

Delgado, Archbishop Ferdinano – Detroit Catholic archbishop; mentioned between issues 1 and 2 as attending the church Sol Bernstein (qv) is attending

Dent, Freddy – early schoolmate of Kingpin; post-issue 14 visited to no avail by Laughton on Mt. Rainier, Washington

Desperado - member of Outsiders; issue 18 meets the Troll and makes his acquaintance

Descheaux, Madame - resident of Yasur, seen before issue 20 giving info to Sihn

Devil’s Night Gang – name given to Bogeyman’s gang at the time of the Devil’s Night Massacre (qv)

Devil’s Night Massacre – name given by media to the massacre of mafia members by Bogeyman’s gang; Bogeyman’s gang becomes known as Gang of Five between issues 4 and 5

Dexter - criminal for-hire mutant with extreme dexterity and ability to feed off of Volcano; issue 16 with Volcano encounters Justice Squad in defense of Kingpin cash pick-up at the Gentlemen's Tennis Club (mob strip joint), escapes

Diamond Court - self-contained mini-mall inside Renaissance Center, scene of Gang of Five vs. JS in issue 8

Diane ? - secretary in above-ground work for Kingpin; issue 17 seen overdosing and barely saved by Justice Squad, mentioned as Dean Richard's girlfriend; issue 18 visited by Justice Squad in coma; mentioned as Kingpin's lover some time before; put on plane with Dean Richard to St. Croix by Justice Squad/Suzannne Palmer; issue 19 is visited by Spectrum for a "check-up", found to be drinking a bit much but otherwise okay 

Doe, John X – see Theodore Guyver

Duct Tape Corporation - issue 8 begin negotiating on a marketing agreement with Laughton and Davis

Durshowitz, Alan – post-issue 14 begins working with Palmer on Lobster Cowboy case

Edmundsson, Clive – human pro-mutant/anti-human artist/philosopher in Manchester, UK; theorized by some to be the architect of Origin post-issue 14

Egypt (ancient) - visited by Laughton, Suzanne, and Neumann in issue 20

Emerald, Gerald – One of 50 richest men in North America, among other things a Canadian owner of text book company; introduced in issue 14 as subject of Hell investigation; known to have gambling problem, resulting in kidnapping of his daughter; paid Hell (under threat of exposure) to return his daughter; revealed to be close friends with Prime Minister

Frank Eyes - representative of 719 Society; issue 19 seeks Suzanne Palmer's help; passed on to Laughton; meets with Laughton in issue 20 and pushes him to pursue "justice", "making a difference", rather than merely remuneration; referred to a 900 number that rings to "Velma's office"; issue 21 seen to be working with Laughton

Fire Demons – Demons that enjoy fire, introduced in issue 1 as the will-be JS combats the fire they’ve created; seen briefly in issue 16 as attending Buffy's birthday party

Fisk, Wilson – see Kingpin

Fitzgerald, Father - Priest at Church of the Blessed Sacrament; mentioned in issue 11 by Magneto as a messenger to him; issue 12 visited by Laughton to communicate gift of Dr. Normal to Magneto, mentally attempts to compel Laughton to confess, forcing him to admit several venial sins; 

Flaming Carrot - established major Detroit hero; issue 11 congratulates Sammy on winning the court case brought by ABC, performing his own beat poem composed in Sammy's honor; it is mentioned that he met Sihn some time prior in a drunken stupor, treated for superficial medical help as he asks Sihn to make him an exploding third arm; post-issue 14 joins Non-Thinkers Guild, supports 719 Society

Flanders, George - Successful dot com entrepreneur; mentioned between issues 1 and 2 as attending the church Sol Bernstein (qv) is attending

Fox Force Five – Mercenary group; prior to issue 6 secretly watching JS, seen during and after that in various unaccredited (sometimes unwritten but mentioned in passing in game play) roles; in issue 6, unknown to JS, arranges for The Captain’s capture, impersonating Lisa Walters (qv); issue 7 it is revealed they (still unknown as the perpetrators) tattooed "The King" on The Captain's rear for the Kingpin; leave threatening paper on Laughton/Blue Moon fax machine  on behalf of Kingpin; issue 8 almost caught following Laughton, as he realizes he and Sammy are followed, they contact him by phone and claim they'll leave him alone "for now";  issue 14 seize Lefty for study; battle against Justice Squad, establishing a stalemate and escaping in exchange for returning Lefty; post-issue 14 is studied by Laughton; surveillance station across from Laughton Agency is discovered, by this time vacated; also discovered they must have posed as homeless; investigated by Sihn as well for local mutant contacts and in connection he investigates Caruthers, Hell, and Velda

Furious, Mr. – member of Mysterymen; post-issue 14 talks on phone with Sihn re potential leasing of space

Game Show Host – Villain possessing strange game show-related powers, with a suitable entourage (Announcer (qv), Game Show Models (qv)); introduced in issue 2 assisting Purple Hat Gang (qv) by attempting to kill Eduardo Tocci (qv) and family; defeated by JS and imprisoned; between issues 10 and 11 interviewed by Sihn, revealing his origin in part, and subsequently revealed as Ken White, friend of Charles Jameson

Game Show Models – Gorgeous model sidekicks of Game Show Host (qv); introduced in issue 2 with Game Show Host, attempting to kill Eduardo Tocci (qv) and family; defeated by JS and imprisoned; between issues 10 and 11 interviewed to little effect by Sihn

Gang of Five – Bogeyman’s gang after the Devil’s Night Massacre pairs it down and prior to his first capture by the JS; name introduced between issues 4 and 5

Gas Attack – Mentioned post-issue 13 as extremely flatulent mutate living in desert, victim of Dr.13; issue 21 visited by Laughton and interviewed; mentions lead of Chris Carter

Gentleman's Tennis Club - Mafia front introduced in issue 12 as site of Shooter and Medusa attack; issue 16 site of a pick-up of substantial cash from the Tocci mob for the Kingpin, a battle between Dexter, Volcano, and the Justice Squad, and many deaths from Volcano's fiery growth

Gere-luce – Inventor and friend of Troll; fired from prior job working from toy company when self-destruct buttons in children’s toys were discovered (puts them in everything he makes); introduced in issue 1 examining Octal Fist’s (qv) pearls; issue 3 seen assisting analyzing crime scene materials; between issues 4 and 5 helps design containment devices for Sheila Shield, Stigmata, and Spaz; issue 5 seen working on containment device with Bob “Buick” Rogers (qv) and JS; helps Sihn make detection device for Babble Fish (qv); issue 6 mentioned as putting a Purple Hat gangster back into containment; issue 8 examines Mocker; issue 9 dismantles self-destructive backpacks worn by Omega operatives; issue 10 helps Sihn realize that Lefty needs his help as a sort of parent; between issue 10 and 11 becomes interested in merging lab with Sihn and working on underground JS headquarters; issue 13 briefly seen working on JS new HQ; post-issue 14 is busily working on HQ; hounded by Hell to configure self-destruct buttons, builds several inexplicable ones for him; issue 15 takes to roof with heat gun in defense against Bogeyman and his crew; post-issue 15 busily working on “mental detector"; issue 16 comforts Sihn; issue 17 remotely assists investigation of Kingpin's Glitterati Hotel; before issue 20 goes with Sihn and Sammy to seek Manny Muzantino; goes tourist shopping on Yasur; issue 20 mentioned as Isaac Robinson's friend; issue 21 works with Neumann

Giles, Rupert – Watcher and friend to Buffy the Vampire Slayer; first mentioned post-issue 14 as Suzanne socializes with the group; arranges with Buffy to rent space from Sihn-tek; issue 19 reveals Kietersling is Daemon Wodin; issue 20 goes with Willow to check out the place Spectrum is buying; issue 21 implied to have role in helping with Suzanne's house

Giuliani, Mayor Rudy - New York mayor; throws congratulatory city march and  party for Justice Squad for them busting Kingpin and his operation

Glitterati Hotel - prestigious NY hotel once owned by Kingpin; issue 17 site of investigation of Kingpin; issue 18 found to house mysterious Kingpin desolid invisible top floor

Gold – leader of Metal Men; post-issue 15 meets Laughton and establishes contact between him and WEB

Goldman <no first name> - crime boss in NY; post-issue 14 converses with Laughton as Laughton researches Kingpin

Goldman, Jakob – Crazed Purple Gang member/cell leader, son of Levi Goldman (qv); first mentioned in issue 4 by Lemmy Bernstein (qv) as a “violent nutcase” who might succeed Levi; issue 7 finally meets JS and they battle, he is captured and turned over to police

Goldman, Levi – Purple Gang member, Sol Bernstein’s (qv) cousin, and leader of Purple Hat Gang after Bernstein; first mentioned in issue 2 as he takes over Sol Bernstein’s visits to his laundromats; introduced when Sammy overhears him discussing gang plans, including killing Marty Davis and seen throughout issue as the team investigates him; issue 4 sees him as the JS infiltrates the Purple Hat headquarters and he and his gang is mostly subdued (son Jakob Goldman (qv) continues the fight); he is imprisoned by JS; issue 6 interrogated by JS, reveals unwittingly (via Spectrum’s telepathy) links to Jakob Goldman (qv) and Slayer (qv); turned into police

Grant, Tatum – Wealthy lover of Jonas Hell (qv) mentioned between issues 1 and 2, provided his car at that time

Greaney, Frank - Homicide squad captain; mentioned between issues 1 and 2 as attending the church Sol Bernstein (qv) is attending

Guyver, Theodore (AKA John X Doe) – ex-schoolmate of Kingpin and secret UFO writer; post-issue 14 visited by Laughton in Exeter, NH; reveals depths of Kingpin’s early murderous gradeschool activities

Hamilton, George (fictional version) - actor; issue 21 mentioned as doing infomercial for Sihn-tek's products

Hamilton, Gerard – Michigan lieutenant governor; mentioned between issues 1 and 2 as attending the church Sol Bernstein (qv) is attending

Hammerhead – hammer-headed villain; issue 15 joins Bogeyman in attack on Justice Squad, is defeated and imprisoned

Hammond, General – Issue 14 greets and interviews Justice Squad at Coolidge Air Force Base en route to Canada, smoothes over confrontation with military

Harris, Zander - friend of Buffy the Vampire Slayer; introduced in issue 11 to Suzanne Palmer at rave;  post-issue 14 mentioned as Suzanne socializes with the group

Harrison, MI - city near the state penitentiary for super-beings

Hart, Valentine - issue 12 seen as frightened mobster Laughton suspects is a mole for Fisk; issue 13 investigated and cleared

Hawking, Steven - Referred to in issue 7 as authoring an article warning that a super-race will destroy the world

Hayes, Maddy – Head of Blue Moon Detective Agency (qv), introduced in issue 1 berating Jimmy Caruthers for business problems; between issues 1 and 2 franchises Detroit Blue Moon Detective Agency to Laughton, selling bottom space to Sihn; issue 8 mentioned as heading to Paris for Thanksgiving; issue 9 contacts Laughton angrily about the NME attack on Blue Moon/Laughton Agency, schedules full session to go over operation; issue 10 arrives in Detroit at Blue Moon/Laughton Agency to interrogate Laughton on company expenses and practices; interviews Suzanne Palmer for capacity of Blue Moon/Laughton Agency legal counsel; despite Velda's best efforts sees ABC lawyers August Romans and company serving restraining order on Laughton;  issue 12 contacts Laughton to offer sale of the Blue Moon; post-issue 14 announces she intends to visit Detroit and shake up Blue Moon/Laughton agency; issue 16 visits and berates Laughton; sells business to him;

Heap – Monstrous barely-sentient mass of vegetation and chemicals living on Belle Isle; introduced in issue 5 guarding the Babble Fish; issue 9 grows monstrously large and begins rampaging on Belle Isle; issue 10 confronts and is safely guided away by Justice Squad on Belle Isle, as it turns out the Heap's lake was nearly destroyed by chemicals dumped presumably by ABC; 

Hell, Jonas – Loose cannon detective, introduced in issue 1 warning of some grave happenings at the Blue Moon and of a greater conspiracy involving the government, the Purple Hat gang; later he assists Laughton and Davis in investigating links between Bogeyman’s massacre and the Purple Hat Gang; between issues 1 and 2 he is investigated by Laughton, his history is explained (criminal record, institutionalized for several years, longshoreman, security work (Jack Webb Detectives, Pinkertons), and then detective work); issue 2 Hell is rehired at the new Blue Moon (Laughton and Davis Agency franchise thereof), striking a deal allowing him to work some of his time for “the human race” with less than 40 billable hours; issue 5 confronts Sammy regarding Velda and her attraction to Sammy rather than him, attempts team-building with the JS in O’Malley’s Toxic Neon Bar; causes damage in bar stopping trouble-making youth, forcing Laughton to defray the cost; issue 7 seen in Buffy the Vampire Slayer's car; issue 8, via Rosenburg case, claims to have uncovered a government plot to deprive children of an education in order to make more service workers for the upper class; closes Rosenburg case; Buffy broke up with him; later that issue he has new girlfriend, goes with Sammy to a mission for Thanksgiving; issue 9 (issue 8 cliff-hanger) is jumped with Sammy by Omega agents; partially responsible for the death of an Omega agent (agent backpack triggered a self-destruct mechanism, obscuring Hell's involvement); is known to have opened a Laughton Agency account at O'Malley's; stopped from damaging O'Malley's again by Spectrum's involvement in halting youth violence; investigates Omega agents (ex-military) finding only that they were enlisted somehow by a defunct unknown company known as Sequester (no other information available); issue 10 has restraining order placed on him by Department of Education, served on Blue Moon/Laughton Agency premises; requested by Laughton to momentarily cool investigation of DEA and NEA; has date with Velda, only to find out it's so she can reject him in favor of Sammy; joins JS on way to combat Bogeyman's Gang of Five; confronts Sammy on way, finding no logical reply attempts to communicate problem to SIhn, who instead introduces Lefty to Jonas; assists in JS' successful fight against Bogeyman's Gang of Five; entreats himself and Suzanne to self-mixed Bloody Marys at IHOP; between issues 10 and 11 finds out through anonymous tip (originating from Sihn secretly) that Charles Jameson was linked in college to the Game Show Host; issue 11 attends congratulatory party for Sammy after winning against ABC; issue 14 mentions to Laughton and Wulfenstein he has investigated DEA, reaching into Canada and Gerald Emerald; reveals he black-mailed Emerald into paying him to return his kidnapped daughter (which he did) and that he believes the Prime Minister is mixed up in the DEA-related conspiracy; is in legal trouble in Canada now; offers to help, for pay, find Lefty; goes with team in stone form in trunk to Canada to rescue Lefty; is held by Canadian border guards in stone form; revealed post-issue 14 that he snuck off while Laughton used his powers (thus freeing Hell) against Fox Force Five; offers cohabitation to Suzanne Palmer upon learning she’s looking for a place; arrested for violating restraining order against NEA; released on bail; pesters Gere-luce to add self-destruct buttons for him, receiving a multitude of inexplicable and threatening ones; covertly has DNA stolen and analyzed by Sihn who is investigating for possible Fox Force Five plants; issue 16 goes to O'Malley's Toxic Neon bar with Justice Squad and Wulfenstein; issue 21 seen feeding fears of what may have become of Sammy, Sihn, and the others in the South Pacific  

Holes, Merry – mutant porn actress; post-issue 13 approaches Suzanne for assistance in a sexual discrimination suit; post-issue 14 a date is set for trial; issue 15 Palmer negotiates settlement for her

Hunter Island - small volcanic island in South Pacific claimed by Vanuatu and New Caledonia; pre-issue 20 visited by Sihn, Sammy, Gere-luce, Rogers, and Wulfenstein as they search for Manny Muzantino/Lakura

Huri-Jubi - older man on Yasur, seen prior to issue 20 giving info to Sihn

Iacocca, Clay - Son of the famous one, now a Stark Industries VP (and rather rich), with his family; mentioned between issues 1 and 2 as attending the church Sol Bernstein (qv) is attending

Imperial Falcon - acquaintance of Sihn's from New School for the Gifted, a flying blowhard mutant; issue 16 meets Justice Squad discussing Professor X' disappearance with Sihn; issue 18 is found to be imprisoned by Kingpin, apparently as the result of his attempt to infiltrate Kingpin

Jackson, Matthew – Former Blue Moon detective; mentioned between issues 1 and 2 as providing information on their near-collapse and Hell’s investigation, and as working as a freelance detective for the District Attorney

Jameson, Charles - son of outspoken publisher J. Jonah Jameson, seen briefly between issues 10 and 11 as Sihn uncovers Game Show Host's past, found to be college friend of Game Show Host

Jenkins - Man In Black agent seen between issues 8 and 9 pressuring Aela to work on a strange mammalian aquatic animal

Jericho Lad – Detroit minor mutant; post-issue 14 contacts Palmer; he claims Canadians are crossing the border to sleep in his bed and wishes to sue both the US and Canadian governments; she consults with him and finds he just wants a friend; has a vast doll collection

Johnson, Sammy - Lead investigator from Office of Mutant Services; seen in issue 9, harassing Spectrum in her Suzanne Palmer identity because of her involvement in investigating the Omega agents; makes clear his knowledge of Suzanne's personal life; 

Johnson, Virginia Pendleton - ex-wife of the Announcer

Johnstone, Velda – Receptionist for Laughton Agency; introduced in issue 2, notable Elvis Presley fanatic; issue 3 assists Sammy in registering (though this happens later) and “realizes” he is really Elvis Presley; helps JS by indicating several possible entrances to salt mines (where Purple Hat Gang resides); issue 5 seen playing Jonas against Sammy for romantic purposes; issue 6 carries Kingpin’s anonymous warning of monitoring to Sammy, mistaking the intent as something to do with Elvis (the other “King”); issue 7 is warned by Hamlet to give to him any anonymous or "King" communications to the JS; discovers paper on fax machine from Kingpin, gives to Sammy; issue 8 has Sammy over her family's for Thanksgiving dinner;  issue 10 keeps Maddy Hayes from seeing that a restraining order is being served on Jonas Hell by the federal government on Blue Moon/Laughton Agency premises; attempts to keep Hayes from seeing ABC lawyers serving restraining order on Laughton with Elvis scrapbook but fails; goes out with Jonas Hell to tell him she's interested in Sammy instead; goes out with Sammy and begins a frustrating unrequited attempt at a relationship; issue 11 shows Magneto to the JS as he visits Blue Moon/Laughton Agency;  issue 13 discovered with Caruthers tied up, tattooed with Kingpin's symbol as was Captain; post-issue 14 runs into Suzanne Palmer and discusses a document Suzanne is looking at, confirming for Suzanne how her past is being altered by her alter-ego; post-issue 14 mentioned as pining for Sammy; begins aggressively pursuing Sammy;  unknowingly sees Sammy playing Elvis; pursuit somewhat pays off as she spends time with Sammy seeing movies and such, but is frustrated by his inability to relate to her; covertly has DNA stolen and analyzed by Sihn who is investigating for possible Fox Force Five plants; issue 15 ducks and covers from truck thrown by Bender in an attack on the Justice Squad; receives a blatant pass from Sprite; greets Magneto on his visit to the Justice Squad; issue 16 confronts Sammy about his inability to relate emotionally; issue 19 infiltrates without explanation the Justice Squad base looking for Sammy; expresses concern for Sammy and her romantic interests continue to be frustrated; days later contacts Sammy regarding Martian visitor; becomes very upset at her exclusion from the base afterwards; issue 20 greets Neumann, is seen to be less than in awe of Laughton, makes passing reference to Metal Men, piquing Neumann's interest; has her work trashed by Neumann in an accident; issue 21 attempts to use Neumann in an ill-fated attempt to make Sammy jealous; continues to pine for Sammy; is invited to assist Sammy in detective work, upsetting her more

Kenningsworth, Rodney - Reporter briefly mentioned in issue 8

Kietersling, Jochen - current identity of ancient being upon whom Norse God Odin is based; issue 17 first mentioned as mysterious figure allied with Kingpin; issue 19 approaches Justice Squad, admitting having maneuvered Martian to go after Laughton Agency; fixes Sammy's tendency to unwillingly appear as Elvis in return for Martian brain; turns out he put spell on Sammy for Kingpin to cause the Elvis problem; gives Laughton mob information by causing Cabot to show up and spill it; gives Sihn the Necronomicon   

Kingpin (AKA The King AKA Wilson Fisk) – Crime super-boss; first mentioned in issue 2 as putting a squeeze on the Detroit mob; issue 6 reveals he is monitoring JS without revealing identity but confuses Velda who believes it has something to do with Sammy personally; issue 7 his moniker "The King" is tattooed on The Captain; becomes the subject of JS study; through Fox Force 5 leaves a paper lying on JS' fax machine warning them to stay out of his business;  issue 13 is believed to be behind Maggot's murder; post-issue 13 is investigated by Laughton in depth and an extensive background is revealed (hyperlink here); found to have “convinced” Eduardo Tocci to ally with him; post-issue 14 seen by Laughton in Miami; issue 15 is known to be extending influence into Detroit government; issues a warning to Justice Squad by killing Sihn’s mother; post-issue 15 indirectly makes attempt on Sprite’s life; issue 16 sends for a cash pick-up disrupted by the Justice Squad; issue 18 has Amazing Nothing Thing captured; commissions Queen Bee, Mosquito, Wasp, and Mute Ant to assist him; fights Justice Squad directly but loses and is arrested by WEB

Kingsley, Nat – Former detective for Blue Moon, indicated as dead already between issues 1 and 2

Krum, Jon - father figure of cargo cults; issue 21 discovered to be alive and lover of Lakura

Kwan, Loo “Lou”  – Zen master of Kung Fu; recommended to Eliot Sihn by his mother, mentioned in Sihn’s journal on 11/17/00; issue 8 mentioned as counseling Sihn and Laughton; issue 9 Laughton consults him re a mystical case, is referred to Chiang Li; known to be continuing counseling of Sihn;  post-issue 14 consults regarding Sihn’s mother’s gambling problem, recommends herbal treatment

Lakura - Namor's "fiance"; mentioned by Namor in early appearances (qv); researched by Sihn in issue 13; post-issue 13 Sihn does further research on her; issue 21 "discovered" as she rescues Neumann, Sammy, and others; explains her situation to Sihn and is left to her own devices despite Namor's request of Sihn 

Lefty - Sihn's animate left hand; issue 10 is introduced as he detaches from Sihn, apparently having done so when Sihn slept in the past; meets rest of JS; disgusts Jonas Hell on way to confront Gang of Five; disturbs IHOP waitress; issue 11 Suzanne Palmer starts registration process for him; expresses an interest in hanging out with Sammy; attempts to persuade Laughton to take him and Sammy to store; hangs out with Sammy around Sihn's lab/Blue Moon/Laughton Agency; issue 12 meets The Captain; issue 13 is introduced to prototype body; goes out at night with Sammy behind Sihn's back; disappears while going out to see Sammy, Sammy calls Sihn to tell him the bad news; issue 14 is rescued from intensive and painful forensic examinations by Fox Force Five by Justice Squad; post-issue 14 is mind-read by Spectrum to fill in any gaps; is punished by Sihn by being grounded; is disappointed to still be “grounded” in Origin; his suit is worked on back in Detroit; existence almost revealed to Aela by a careless Sammy; issue 16 goes to Buffy's birthday party with Sammy and Spectrum; spends considerable time conversing with Spectrum; brings samples to Sihn from party; issue 16 visits New School for the Gifted with Justice Squad, encouraged by Sihn to attend eventually; pre-issue 20 enjoys playing around with Sammy on Yasur

Li, Chiang - Greatly powerful occult detective; introduced in issue 9 sub-contracting work for Laughton; issue 10 shows up to collect his commission for helping Laughton, warning the client is an evil man; issue 19 his check bounces due to Laughton's juggling of accounts and his waiting to cash it; takes a jewel from Kingpin instead in payment; issue 21 agrees to assist in searching for Kietersling

Lobster Cowboy – Dallas lobster-like mutant who was attacked by a gang of teenagers and then sued by them for injuries inflicted in self-defense; post-issue 14 Suzanne Palmer consults on his defense pro bono with Durshowitz; issue 19 his case is progressing with Suzanne Palmer working on it; wins lawsuit with Suzanne's help

Lucciano, Jimmy – Tocci capo; post-issue 15 mentioned as sharing power in Tocci’s absence

Maggot - older childhood informant/friend to Laughton; seen in issue 13 arranging to meet Laughton but dies in same issue, killed presumably by Fisk

Magneto - Militant mutants-rights/separatist activist; between issues 10 and 11 mentioned in passing by Professor X in an expectation he would be contacting Sihn; posts manifesto throughout world; issue 11 introduced lobbying the JS for support, specifically at least non-opposition, discusses Origin; issue 12 picks up Dr. Normal from JS; has a private conversation with The Captain, attempting to establish a rapport with him, discusses Origin briefly with him; issue 15 visits with Sprite, finessing him; visits rest of Justice Squad at Blue Moon/Laughton Agency, returning Dr. Normal; discusses the disaster of Origin, indicates it was betrayed by many mutants

Magnus, Dr. – Famed leader/inventor of the Metal Men (qv); first mentioned in issue 3 as a possible creator of Slayer; mentioned in issue 8 as possible creator of Mocker; post-issue 15 is contacted by Laughton for general insight and to potentially build government contacts; converses with Laughton at tangents

Maladucci, Tony "The Tulip" – Hit man for mob, contact of Laughton.  Introduced in issue 1 as Laughton seeks information on Purple Hat gang; issue 2 provides information to Laughton, mentions Kingpin; post-issue 15 is consulted by Laughton

Mama Pudding – Mentioned post-issue 13 as victim of Dr. 13, lives in Mexico and is a telepathic bowl of pudding

Martian #1 - issue 19 a self-professed Martian shows up attempting to take over Laughton Agency due to some sort of deal with Kietersling; defeated by Justice Squad and is put on ice by Sihn; brain taken out and given to Kietersling in return for curing Sammy of Elvis-affliction

Martian Counsel - issue 21 threatens Laughton in its demand for the "return" of its property

Marvel Girl (AKA Jean Grey) – X-Men team member, school friend to Eliot Sihn; first mentioned between issues 6 and 7 as Sihn contacts her to see if Professor X is safe; girlfriend to Scott Summers (Cyclops)

MIT - mentioned in issue 9 as one of a few organizations capable of having made the goo that was used to ensnare Sammy by Omega; mentioned in issue 13 as the likely source of components used to explode Maggot's body

Medusa (Andrea d'Ennui, born Tina Phaurte) - goth mythology-like mutant; issue 11 mentioned by Tocci hood to Laughton as attacking gang with Shooter; issue 12 the site of their recent, major attack is visited (Gentleman's Tennis Club); defeated and captured by JS during attack on mob at mob-run casino, the Riverside interrogated in prison, Laughton sees that she gets methadone to ease her drug withdrawal, beginning her bonding with him; she provides information to rescue those she turned to stone; relationship deepens in a follow-up visit by Laughton; issue 13 writes secret letter to Laughton professing her love; issue 13 visited by Laughton; mentions she knows Damien, leading Laughton, Buffy, JS to him; post-issue 13 Laughton’s response to her questions from issue 13 is listed; issue 19 is visited by Laughton, is quizzed about Dr. 13

Menesra - issue 20 seen as the leader of the aliens overseeing ancient (prehistoric) Egypt; strikes deal with Justice Squad

Mermaid (Aela Oceanchild) – (Originally PC) Adventures with JS issues 1 through

Metal Men – robotic epic heroes of Detroit; see individual members, Gold, Lead, Platinum, Mercury, Tin; post-issue 15 meets Laughton as he sees Magnus; issue 21 meet Neumann

Mocker – Insulting (to the point of a super power) robotic being; introduced in issue 1 as part of Bogeyman’s gang, fighting the forming JS after having participated in a massacre of mafia members on pay of the Purple Hat Gang (qv), escapes that encounter; issue 2 known to be part of Bogeyman’s gang robbing an armored car; issue 3 known to be robbing a bank as part of Bogeyman’s gang; issue 7, as part of Bogeyman's gang,  sets up confrontation with JS involving return of Professor X in exchange for Slayer; issue 8 in battle as part of Bogeyman's gang captured by JS, revealed for first time to be robotic though does not believe it himself; issue 8 when Gere-luce attempts to deactivate his ego-draining capability he is irreparably damaged and becomes a candy vending machine; issue 15 reappears somehow rebuilt with Bogeyman, attacking Justice Squad, defeated and imprisoned

Mordor - issue 20 seen as leader of human resistance in ancient Egypt; assists Laughton, Spectrum, Neumann

Morrow, Vic – see Shooter

Mosquito – Mosquito-like mercenary mutant; issue 2 known to be part of Bogeyman’s gang robbing an armored car but unnamed; issue 3 known to be robbing a bank as part of Bogeyman’s gang; issue 8 as part of Bogeyman's gang steals crystal at Diamond Court and escapes JS; issue 10 defeated and captured with rest of Gang of Five; discovered to have a safe deposit box with ill-gotten gains in bank

Mosquito - tiny mosuito-like mutant; issue 18 on behalf of Kingpin opposes Justice Squad with Mute Ant, Wasp, and Queen Bee; captured and imprisoned

Mover Shaker – duplicating time/space shifting villain; issue 15 joins Bogeyman in attack on Justice Squad, most of him are defeated and imprisoned but a few escape

Mutant Liberation Front – militant pro-mutant organization, linked to Magneto, below-ground; post-issue 14 first mentioned; linked to 719 Society

Mutation Theory Quarterly – esteemed mutant genetics publication; post-issue 14 Sihn gets a successful article published in it

Mute Ant - strange giant mute ant-like mutant; issue 18 on behalf of Kingpin opposes Justice Squad with Mosquito, Wasp, and Mosquito; captured and imprisoned

Muzantino, Manny – Filipino detective; contacted by Sihn post-issue 13 and verified as a legitimate investigator by Laughton Agency; post-issue 14 meets Sihn in Manila, prepares to go to other islands per leads; issue 19 nothing has been heard from his quest; issue 20 is sought after; issue 21 rescued from a New Caledonia jail by the Justice Squad

Mysterymen – small-time Detroit supers, friends of Flaming Carrot; post-issue 14 mentioned as planning to be tenants of Sihn-tek’s space

Namor, Prince Ednarg – Prince of Mu, essentially the same as the Marvel Comic figure of the same name in terms of basic powers/appearance; introduced in issue 1 claiming Aela as his mate; appears to be unfamiliar with many characteristics of human culture, is first known by press as Speedo Guy; issue 8 seen on television in press conference, referring to himself as Speedo Guy, adopting it from the media, indicates his mission to find his "bride to be"; appears at Blue Moon/Laughton Agency, intending to see Eliot SIhn, seeking information on the Troll; discusses the circumstances of his lost fiance; afraid of cigar/fire although in later issue appears to attempt to overcome that; knocks out Sihn for continuingly offering cigar; between issues 8 and 9 is confronted by Troll who vows to die defending Aela; as Namor gains respect for Troll, they talk and he begrudgingly admits perhaps Aela is not Lakura, whom he seeks; Aela, Eliot, and Namor have dinner and through conversation and time-line comparison, it becomes apparent is the daughter of Namor and Lakura, thus making Eliot SIhn his son-in-law; issue 9 discusses family issues with Aela; post-issue 15 is contacted by Sihn to take in Aela and ensure her safety while he combats Kingpin, gives Sihn a crystal with which to summon him; issue 19 exhorts Sihn to pay more attention to Aela; partakes unpleasantly of cigar

Natasha – Mentioned post-issue 13 as victim of Dr. 13, a Russian 2-D living animated-looking copy of the Natasha from Rocky and Bullwinkle

Necromancer - member of Outsiders; issue 18 remains aloof from Justice Squad while rest of team interacts

Necronomicon - mysterious ancient book allegedly of dark magic; issue 19 is given to SIhn by Kietersling, forever changing the course of Sihn's life; issue 21 Spectrum and Laughton begin to worry about it

New Caledonia - South Pacific island nation; issue 21 is visited as Laughton is held there and freed by Justice Squad; government replaced as a result of Justice Squad debacle

New School for the Gifted – Specialized school for mutants, founded and run by Professor X (qv), not only educates the mind but the spirit, socializing mutants and teaching positive values; issue 16 visited by Justice Squad

Newberry, MI - City near where Bogeyman's Gang of Five hideout was in issue 10

Nightshade - member of Outsiders; issue 18 speaks with Sihn asking him to notify Outsiders next time Justice Squad comes to town "on business"; reveals face to Spectrum and arranges a date with her

No Mutants Exist (NME) - Anti-super vigilante organization; issue 9 introduced fire-bombing Blue Moon/Laughton Agency and leaving graffiti witnessing it; known to sponsor Dr. Normal; post-issue 14 mentioned as urging humans to arm themselves; issue 19 defaces Laughton Agency

Non-Thinkers Guild – Mentioned as a post-situationist, post-dada art group claiming to be the non-government of Origin mentioned post-issue 14; after the destruction of Origin declares itself “Official Dictator of Earth” and “estimates officially” “All mutants are now dead but for 719”; joined by Flaming Carrot

Normal, Dr. (Melvin Smith) - Evil anti-mutant genius; issue 11 seen unnamed investigating JS, confronted by them, disappears; issue 12 his clove is discovered as the JS tracks Shooter and Medusa; ambushes JS just after they defeat Medusa and Shooter but is defeated and kidnapped by them; posed by JS in humiliating fashion for photographs; discovered to be employee of Stark Industries in secret ID, briefly met Sihn once in the past; turned over to Magneto; issue 13 poses are used in Laughton's anonymously published reaction to Magneto's manifesto; issue 15 is slated to be returned by Magneto; post-issue 15 arrives, zombie-like

O’Malley, ? – Owner/full-time (never a break) operator of O’Malley’s Toxic Neon Bar (qv), introduced in issue 5, angry at damaged caused by Jonas Hell (qv) in fighting disruptive youth; issue 9 pleased to serve heroes as they wind down, appreciative of Jonas Hell opening a Laughton corporate account there; 

O'Malley, Officer Paddy "Red" – Policeman mentioned in issue 3 as giving the JS a hard time

O’Malley’s Toxic Neon Bar – Bar nearby JS headquarters (Laughton Agency), first mention in issue 5 as JS and Jonas Hell hang out there, and a minor incident with tough youth occurs and some damage is done by Hell, paid for by Laughton; issue 16 visited by the Justice Squad, Wulfenstein, and Hell

Octal Fist – Desolid martial arts mutant; introduced in issue 1 as part of Bogeyman’s gang, fighting the forming JS after having participated in a massacre of mafia members on pay of the Purple Hat Gang (qv); captured by the JS; found to be dependent somehow on pearls to survive; between issues 10 and 11 visited by Sihn and found to be embittered and militant, implicitly revealing some form of communication among criminal mutants in solitary

Oklog - drooling demon with speech impediment; issue 16 at Buffy's birthday party wins Parcheesi against Sammy and attempts to enslave him, getting beaten in the process

Oldham, Zack - government contract plumber; issue 19 is fingered by Terwilliger as lead to Dark Force in Professor X' disappearance, is visited by Justice Squad; gives information on locating Dark Force installation Professor X held at; found to be mutant; credibility vouched for by Frank Beard of WEB

Omega - Mysterious secret agent organization; issue 9 introduced attempting to kidnap Sammy (foiled) to turn into the federal government; post-issue 14 inquires regarding Omega made by Sihn of Terwilliger

Origin - mutant city experiment; introduced between issues 10 and 11 via Magneto's published manifesto; issue 11 mentioned by Magneto in discussions with JS; issue 13 dominates news; post-issue 13 briefly mentioned as Sihn asks around about it; post-issue 14 Sihn visits Origin, details in the notes for that; later The Captain and the military storm Origin resulting in over a thousand dead

Ovitz, Michael – famed talent agent/manager; post-issue 14 approaches contacts Elvis Presley/Sammy; witnesses Elvis/Sammy’s eloquent rebuttal to mutant haters at a performance; issue 16 visits Sammy and Spectrum, found to be a mentalist mutant; slugged by Sammy for mentally prying.

Outsiders - Famous NY super-group consisting in its current lineup of Desperado, Necromancer, Nightshade, and Dr. Time; see individual entries; issue 18 appears in a hotel suite where the Justice Squad relaxes after defeating the Kingpin, greet Justice Squad and also request notice next time they visit NY to go after an enemy 

Pagliacci, Joseph - Financial analyst and detective, employed first by Laughton Agency then shard between Laughton Agency and Sihn-tek; first mentioned in issue 20 as he's requested by Laughton to look into the publication of the alien attempt to take over Laughton Agency published in World Weekly News; issue 21 assigned to work on getting Laughton Agency client base back; passes on charity cases to Neumann

Palmer – family name of Suzanne Palmer (Spectrum), her father is heard of briefly in post-issue 14 indicating his unhappiness with her lack of drive, betraying his memory as very different from hers and the apparent remaking of her past

Parker, Sarah – Former detective for Blue Moon; mentioned between issues 1 and 2 as working in a small local security firm doing internal office work

Pessimistic Cynic - Energy-draining mutant for hire; issue 10 seen as part of Bogeyman's Gang of Five, defeated and captured by JS

Pieces - hero mutant whose body parts disassemble but function; issue 18 mentioned as prisoner of Kingpin

Pinkerton – Major multi-national security firm; mentioned briefly between issues 1 and 2 as part of Laughton and Davis’ investigative probing

Platinum – female randy personality of Metal Men; post-issue 15 makes pass at Laughton, angered by his rejection; issue 21 meets and sexually "educates" Neumann

Presley, Elvis – great impersonator of Elvis appearing 2001, rumored to really be Elvis; post-issue 14 introduced as show business secret alter ego of Sammy; pelted by anti-mutant group believing only a mutant could act so well as Elvis, then wows the audience with his acting/reply; issue 19 takes a break, disappearing from public eye

Presley, Elvis Aaron - great entertainer of latter 20th century, in campaign context known as the subject of nearly-perfect imitation by Sammy; issue 18 is visited when Sammy is taken back in time by Dr. Time

Pterodactyl – Mutant closely resembling pterodactyl; introduced in issue 1 as part of Bogeyman’s gang, fighting the forming JS after having participated in a massacre of mafia members on pay of the Purple Hat Gang (qv); discovered to be mother of an egg discovered by Aela in same issue; captured by the JS; found to be motivated by need for money to put baby into the New School (qv); between issues 10 and 11 visited by Sihn, hopeful of parole, confident of Professor X caring for her baby

Purple Hat Gang (2001) – Treacherous vengeance gang, formed to foment murder and strive to revenge the dissolution of the original Purple Hat Gang (1930s-40s), an older Detroit mob.  Introduced in issue 1 as a rumored conspiratorial party, pursued in issues 2 through 7 (except in issue 5) – see prominent members Sol Bernstein, Levi Goldman, Lemmy Bernstein, Jakob Goldman

Qu'arana - issue 20 mentioned with explanation as someone Menesra believes sent the Justice Squad after him/the aliens

Queen Bee - queen bee-like mutant; issue 18 on behalf of Kingpin opposes Justice Squad with Mute Ant, Wasp, and Mosquito; captured and imprisoned

Rage – Enraged belligerent mutant villain; issue 14 fights with Fox Force Five against Justice Squad; post-issue 14 is mind-read by Spectrum

Red Wine River - Tourist trap restaurant Laughton and Sammy duck into while eluding a tail in issue 8

Reilly, Ed - Channel 5 anchorman; mentioned between issues 1 and 2 as attending the church Sol Bernstein (qv) is attending

Reiner, Sam – Tocci family accountant; post-issue 15 mentioned as handling finances in Tocci’s absence

Remington, Arthur - ABC legal counsel; issue 10 leads delegation serving restraining order on Laughton

Richards, Dean - ex-head of security at Kingpin's Glitterati Hotel; issue 17 investigated by Justice Squad; found to have Kingpin-installed mental defense; work by Sihn related to this interrogation releases Spectrum's "dark side";  put on plane with girlfriend Diane o St. Croix by Justice Squad/Suzannne Palmer; issue 19 visited by Spectrum for "health check", found to be preparing to return to NY with Diane to his old job

Richards, Joy - Stark Industries executive; issue 9 is investigated by Laughton for an anonymous client, found to be closet lesbian having affair despite straight marriage; 

Riverside Casino – Detroit waterfront casino; issue 12 site of battle between Justice Squad and Medusa and Shooter, then Dr. Normal; post-issue 14 Sammy/Elvis books a show there, the beginning of a run

Rivera <no first name) – crime boss in Miami; post-issue14 converses with Laughton during Laughton’s Kinpin research

Roadrunner (Barry Adams)– Speedster mutant for hire; issue 14 fights with Fox Force Five against Justice Squad; post-issue 14 reveals all without being prompted regarding his involvement with Fox Force Five; begs for release to go back to his family, indicating he had to do this for money for them; reveals at Sihn’s request his origin story

Robinson, Isaac - highly-skilled mechanic; friend to Neumann; first seen in issue 20 encouraging Neumann to seek out his friend Gere-luce and the Justice Squad 

Rock Paper Scissors – strange mutant villain who shapeshifts between a rock, papers, and scissors form; issue 15 joins Bogeyman in attack on Justice Squad but is defeated and imprisoned

Rogers, Bob “Buick” – Philanthropist friend of Sihn, publicist for the JS, inventor and driver of the amazing Black Buick; introduced in issue 3 helping JS pursue and catch the killer of Sol Bernstein (qv); between issues 4 and 5 assists JS by helping deliver a substance to track Slayer and Bud Girl; issue 5 seen working on containment device with Gere-luce (qv) and JS; assists in finding Babble Fish; between issues 6 and 7 delivers tracking devices to help find Slayer and Bud Girl with Aela; issue 9 drives Sihn to rescue Sammy from Omega agents; issue 10 chauffeurs JS to combat Bogeyman's Gang of Five; between issues 10 and 11 takes on public relations for JS; issue 11 escorts JS to the courtroom drama between ABC and Sammy; issue 12 develops media plan for JS; issue 14 gives Justice Squad ride to Canada to find Lefty; post-issue 14 negotiates their reentry into the United States; consults with Sihn on developing his reputation in genetics in the public eye; dissuades Sihn from voicing opinion that Detroit citizens should be taxed with proceeds going to the Justice Squad for their assistance; post-issue 15 participates in kidnapping of Tocci by Justice Squad; issue 18 escorts Amazing Nothing Thing to Glitterati Hotel; coaches Sihn on presentation in a big parade; issue 19 flies Justice Squad to Bermuda to rescue Professor X from Dark Force; prior to issue 20 makes arrangements and flies Sammy, Sihn, Gere-luce, and Wulfenstein to the South Pacific in search of Manny Muzantino; helps team by greeting natives in Yasur and arranging charity work to help cargo cults later; goes tourist shopping on Yasur; issue 21 assists in Justice Squad's evacuation of New Caledonia; coaches Sammy and Neumann for Walters' interview

Romans, August - ABC Corporation lawyers; issue 10 serves restraining order to Laughton against their "property" Sammy (known to ABC as X2783); 

Rosenberg Case - Blue Moon/Laughton agency case; mentioned first briefly in issue 7 as Hell is supposed to work on it; issue 8 leads Hell to suspect a government plot, case closed by him same issue

Rosenberg, Willow - witch friend of Buffy the Vampire Slayer; introduced in issue 11 at rave with Buffy, meets Suzanne; issue 13 goes to attack Damien with Buffy and JS, belittled by Laughton, bonds with Palmer, defeats Damien and brood with JS and Buffy; post-issue 14 approached by Spectrum for social purposes as well as to see if she has mental defensive spells, which she does; calls Suzanne often on phone, developing close relationship; approaches Suzanne to discuss the other entities she senses are within Spectrum; issue 16 at Buffy's birthday party reveals Oklog enslaves those who lose Parcheesi to him; issue 19 discusses Spectrum's alter ego issue with her; issue 20 goes with Giles to take a look at the place Spectrum is considering buying; issue 21 implied to have role in helping with Suzanne's house

Rosicrucians – ancient mystic order; post-issue 14 introduced as Laughton links them to CIA/Millionaire conspiracy; issue 17 Laughton continues investigation as it coincides in NY with investigating Kingpin, as they are in the Kingpin's hotel; issue 19 mentioned briefly as being under surveillance by Laughton; later mentioned as under more intense scrutiny by detective; issue 20 they, via Henry Whyte, get revenge on Laughton

Rulnaton - issue 20 mentioned as grand-uncle of Mordor, reputed to have flown a ship; see Frank Torkelson

Schiotto, ? - Issue 12 policeman mildly assisting JS and lauded by Laughton to Berger

Sequester - Mysterious defunct company; issue 9 found by Hell to have enlisted ex-military men who ended up working as Omega agents

Sherwood, Wanda – Stark Industry manager; post-issue 14 takes over as SI Mutations Genetic Specialty Lab Department Coordinator, negotiates Sihn’s change to contract status; encourages Sihn to form Sihn-tek, expresses SI’s interest in outsourcing some tasks

Shield, Sheila – Bullet/missile-reflecting mutant; introduced in issue 4 combating JS as part of Purple Hat Gang’s “stockpile” of jailed, enslaved mutant experiments, along with Stigmata (qv); defeated by JS and imprisoned; interrogated between issues 4 and 5; apparently a pathetic figure who had long wanted freedom; related to Slayer, Spaz, and Stigmata

Shooter (AKA Vic Morrow) – Sharp-shooter villain; introduced in issue 1 as part of Bogeyman’s gang, fighting the forming JS after having participated in a massacre of mafia members on pay of the Purple Hat Gang (qv); captured by the JS; between issues 1 and 2 mysteriously cleared of charges; mentioned between issues 10 and 11 by Eduardo Tocci to Sammy as a villain to be found; issue 11 mentioned by Tocci hood to Laughton as attacking gang with Medusa; issue 12 the site of their recent, major attack is visited (Gentleman's Tennis Club);  defeated and captured by JS during attack on mob at mob-run casino, the Riverside; two of his fingers stuck to stone and detached later permanently from his body as a result; interrogated in issue 13 in jail, mind read by Spectrum;  

Shostakovich, Jeremy - last Stark Industries boss of Sihn, seen between issues 10 and 11

Shoveler – member of Mysterymen; post-issue 14 makes arrangements with Sihn to pay a paltry sum for leasing from Sihn-tek

Sihl, Yoshiko – Eliot Sihn's mother; mentioned briefly in issue 1 as Bogeyman conjures an image of her attempting to manipulate the Troll; mentioned between issues 6 and 7 as Sihn contacts her to see if she is safe (she is); in Sihn’s journal on 11/14/00 she’s mentioned as to be consulted regarding finding a Buddhist priest; on 11/17/00 he mentions she recommended Loo Kwan (qv); issue 9 seen borrowing money rudely from her son; issue 10 attempts to borrow more money; issue 13 receives gift from son and has dinner with Eliot and Aela ; post-issue 14 meets her son regularly for lunch as he attempts to build a relationship with her; demands money for unknown purpose; is investigated by Manny Wulfenstein at Sihn’s request to Laughton, found to have gambling problem, indebted to Tocci organization; issue 15 is confronted about gambling problem; tells Sihn she loves him, first time in their lives; is brutally slain as a warning from Kingpin end of that issue

SIhn-tek – Germ of Sihn-tek is conceived post-issue 13 when Laughton sees SIhn about selling the hair tonic The Captain accidentally stumbled upon; Sihn only agrees to facilitate the process at this point; post-issue 14 the money begins to roll in from a facial crème and Sihn begins to get serious about founding Sihn-tek; work begins in earnest, employees are identified, a building next to Laughton Agency is bought; post-issue 15 the first building is bought and construction begins; issue 19 is where Big Ugly Bug stays while visiting Sihn; issue 21 mentioned as beginning to grow, having work from Stark Industries

Slayer – Murderous super-villain; introduced in issue 1 as part of Bogeyman’s gang, fighting the forming JS after having massacred mafia members on pay by the Purple Hat Gang (qv); captured by the JS; issue 2 is broken out of jail; known to be part of Bogeyman’s gang robbing an armored car; issue 3 known to be robbing a bank as part of Bogeyman’s gang; revealed to be part of the Bernstein family but genetically altered; issue 4 found to be related to Sheila Shield (qv), Spaz (qv), and Stigmata (qv); issue 7 seen defending last major holdout of Purple Hat Gang with Jakob Goldman (qv), defeated and held by the JS; issue 8 unconscious at would-be hostage exchange; subject of much discussion as some members of JS consider killing him; issue 9 is turned over to feds

Snodgrass, Melvin - ex-security agent at Kingpin's Glitterati Hotel; issue 17 seized and interrogated by Justice Squad; owes a great deal of money to a bookie operating dealing behind Kingpin's back; provides link to security chief Dean Richards; made to appear insane and left at clinic  

Soprano, Tony - NY crime boss; issue 18 mentioned as Kingpin lackey, being hunted by Wiltling Rose; crime organization broken up by Wilting Rose

Spaz – Monstrous mutant resembling the orange monster Gossamer in the Bug Bunny cartoons; appears in issue 4 unnamed, combating JS as part of Purple Hat Gang’s “stockpile” of jailed, enslaved mutant experiments, along with Sheila Shield (qv) and Stigmata (qv); defeated by JS and imprisoned, related to Sheila Shield, Slayer, Stigmata

Speedo Man/Guy - see Namor

Sphinx - discovered to be way more ancient than believed and with more than meets the eye in issue 20

Squiggy the Squid - friend of Sihn's from the New School for the Gifted, squid-like mutant; issue 16 assists Sihn in investigating Professor X' disappearance

Stark Industries – Major scientific/industrial/research corporation with significant government linkage; employer of Sihn in issues 1 through ; mentioned in issue 3 as possible creator of Slayer; hesitantly assists Sihn with equipment and information between issues 4 and 5; issue 7 they respond to a request for information regarding a chemical in The Captain's blood by indicating it is classified and closing down any further investigation; mentioned in issue 8 as possible inventor of Mocker; mentioned in issue 9 as one of a few organizations capable of having made the goo that was used to ensnare Sammy by Omega

Stigmata – Bleeding armored powerful mutant; introduced in issue 4 combating JS as part of Purple Hat Gang’s “stockpile” of jailed, enslaved mutant experiments, along with Sheila Shield (qv) and Spaz (qv); defeated by JS and imprisoned; interrogated by JS between issues 4 and 5; apparently a pathetic criminally crazed figure, related to Sheila Shield, Spaz, and Slayer

Strange, Dr. - globally-renowned major mystic NY super hero; issue 18 encounters Spectrum mentally, coincidentally is aware of and points to Diane

Summers, Buffy - see Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Superman – Famed late 1940s crime-fighter modeled after comic book version; begins appearing to The Captain between issues 4 and 5

Tanner, Jacob - head of Rosicrucians in 1970s; seen in issue 20 as he visits ancient Egypt to see Fred Torkelson; served as mentor to Henry Whyte 

Terwilliger, Dick – Government contact initially working with Eliot Sihn as part of Sihn’s work with Stark Industries; introduced in Issue 1, gets Sihn and Oceanchild to patrol; between issues 1 and 2 assists Sihn in purchase of Blue Moon space; issue 3 assists in Sammy not begin arrested, advises against Sammy’s registration at this moment due to ABC; between issues 4 and 5 advises Sihn on Purple Hat mutants; issue 8 visits and trades information and advice with Sihn; issue 9, while on vacation, briefly advises Sihn again re Sammy's registration status; still on vacation, arranges Bud Girl's custody movement from JS to feds; issue 10 is called by JS to arrange for pick-up of Bogeyman's Gang of Five; issue 12 updated on events by Sihn; between issues 14 and 15 is contacted by Sihn to consult on what to do with mutant villains in Canada; post-issue 14 consulted by Sihn on Omega; warns Sihn later that Bogeyman and many others have escaped; issue 16 is called by Sihn to pick up Volcano and Dexter; issue 18 is teased by WEB agents for their perceived inside track; contacts Sihn; issue 19 is slightly annoyed at lack of information on Martian from Sihn, reveals name of Zack Oldham as linkage to Dark Force; issue 21 is consulted by Sihn regarding situation in New Caledonia

Thrillah in Manila – strongman mutant in Manila; post-issue 14 meets and spars with Troll

Time, Dr. - member of Outsiders; issue 18 goes back in time then forward guiding Outsiders into Justice Squad hotel suite to visit; noting a resemblance, takes Sammy back in time to meet Elvis

Tocci, Eduardo – Former boss of the Detroit mob (“the Combine”); first mentioned between issues 1 and 2 as attending the church Sol Bernstein (qv) is attending; issue 2 saved by JS; issue 3 communicates gratitude briefly; between issues 4 and 5 invites JS to dinner; issue 6 at dinner sweet-talks JS, attempting to befriend them, succeeding with Sammy, asks JS to turn Purple Hat gangsters over to him personally; issue 10 continues to cultivate Sammy at Baroni's; continues effort between issues 10 and 11; issue 12 gives gift of $400,000 to JS for defeating Medusa and Shooter; issue 13 daughter kidnapped, returned, and gang wars end; post-issue 13 is visited by Laughton and tacitly confirms he is in league with Kingpin, as his stooge; post-issue 14 is called by Sihn regarding his mother’s gambling problem, claims to know nothing but has an anonymous underling call back with the amount of debt; post-issue 15 is kidnapped at Baroni’s by Justice Squad as part of their plans against Kingpin; is interrogated by the Justice Squad, reveals important money exchange info and the identity of Sihn’s mother’s killer, and held captive; released sometime between issue 18 and 19 upon condition of retirement; issue 19 has phone conversation with Sammy while retired in Florida

Tocci, Gino - Tocci mob member who is found brutally slain in issue 13

Tocci, Jackie - Part of Eduardo Tocci crime family; issue 12 seen involved in demonstrating to JS the Medusa and Shooter attack details

Tocci, Jenny – niece of Eduardo, reputed to be uninvolved in mob, known for charity work; post-issue 14 MCs at Riverside Casino for Elvis/Sammy appearance

Tocci, Joe – Relative to Eduardo Tocci (qv), mob lieutenant; first seen and killed in issue 2 by Purple Hat gang with Slayer

Tocci, Lawrence "Lucky"  - Mob lieutenant working for Eduardo Tocci (qv); first mentioned between issues 1 and 2 as attending the church Sol Bernstein (qv) is attending;

Tocci, Mel - Tocci capo; post-issue 15 mentioned as sharing power in Tocci’s absence

Torkelson, Fred - issue 20 introduced as former used car salesman who made a bad deal with a Rosicrucian (Jacob Tanner) and was sent back to ancient Egypt, posed as Rulnaton

Tull, Norman – Official at ABC Corporation (qv); mentioned in issue 6 as thought of by Levi Goldman as linked to creation of the Bernstein mutants (Slayer, Sheila Shield, Spaz, Stigmata)

Ugly Thespian – Ugly, large bulbous-headed hermit mutant living in and knowledgeable about Belle Isle; first seen in issue 5, protecting Babble Fish, eventually assisting JS in finding it; issue 10 is sought after to help solve mystery of damaged lake and mutated Heap; saw aftermath of a major deliberate chemical dumping; Sammy flies Ugly Thespian to see the Heap

Unknown creature – issue 15 an unknown creature attacks Troll while in federal custody, apparently a form of torture excused as an “escaped” creature getting at the Troll

Vanuatu - island in South Pacific, visited before issue 20 in pursuit of Manny Muzantino/Lakura

Volcano - criminal for-hire mutant who turns into a volcano; issue 16 with Dexter encounters Justice Squad in defense of Kingpin cash pick-up at the Gentlemen's Tennis Club (mob strip joint), is defeated and arrested; found to have Kingpin-installed mental defense

Volcano God - South Pacific alleged deity who is at the least an immensely powerful elemental; issue 21 seen fighting the Justice Squad on Hunter Island; captures Laughton and delivers him to New Caledonia

Wallflower – Mentioned post-issue 13 as Boston mutate who is a wall-living flower, a sort of floral ivy, a victim of Dr. 13

Walters, Lisa - Famed investigative reporter for the Detroit; first mentioned between issues 1 and 2 as attending the church Sol Bernstein (qv) is attending; between issues 2 and 3 she is first mentioned as interviewing and publicizing the JS; issue 3 interviews The Captain at crime scene; issue 6 she is impersonated in a ruse to take advantage of The Captain for examination by Kingpin’s hired guns Fox Force Five; issue 7 contacted regarding The Captain's disappearance; she is the first to hear the Justice Squad's name; issue 10 covers Justice Squad at site of lake chemical dumping on Belle Isle; contacted by Laughton to cover defeated Gang of Five; briefly "overheard" (telepathically) thinking about The Captain for unknown reasons; aggressively covers Gang of Five crime scene in defiance of federal authorities; issue 21 begins interview series with Sammy, then Neumann

Washington, John - issue 12 seen as avid RPGer and fan of super-heroes, investigated as part of JS going after Medusa and Shooter, his van was stolen by them

Washington, Samantha - issue 12 seen as JS investigate the Shooter and Medusa's van, which was stolen from her son

Wasp - Mute Ant - strange giant mute wasp-like mutant; issue 18 on behalf of Kingpin opposes Justice Squad with Mosquito, Queen Bee, and Mosquito; captured and imprisoned  

Weissman, Larry - Tocci capo; post-issue 15 mentioned as sharing power in Tocci’s absence

Wheaton, James - ABC operative identified by Lemmy Bernstein in issue 10 as involved in dumping chemicals on Belle Isle; 

Who Wants to Be a Millionaire – famous turn-of-the-century game show; mentioned post-issue 14 as part of a covert transmission of subliminal messages linked to CIA, according to Laughton’s contacts; linked to Rosicrucians by Laughton’s thinking

Whyte, Henry - head of Rosicrucians; seen in issue 20 visiting Hamlet Laughton; transports Laughton, Spectrum, and Neumann to ancient Egypt in retribution for Laughton's harassment; apprentice to Jacob Tanner; strikes deal with Laughton

Wilting Rose – heavy metal super heroine of Detroit; post-issue 14 meets and befriends Sihn in the mutant bar scene; issue 18 runs across Justice Squad (Sammy first) in New York; warns Justice Squad to watch out more for Sammy; mentions she is going against Tony Soprano; destroys Soprano's organization

Windbreaker City – discount outwear shop; post-issue 14 named as a Kingpin business by Wombat

Wombat – murderous super vigilante in Miami; post-issue 14 is visited by Laughton as part of Kingpin research, gives some tips including on longshoremen and Windbreaker City

Wrath - murderous mysterious vigilante; issue 13 shows up in Detroit killing Toccis, fueling them to turn to JS for help; issue 14 monitors Justice Squad, unknown to them, as they approach the Fox Force Five base in Canada; issue 18 his creation by Kingpin is discovered by the Justice Squad; is believed to be nearby (smelled by Sammy) after the Kingpin fight concludes; whispers into Trolls' ear he will meet later; shows up at a different place/time demanding to know what Justice Squad might know about his background; learns from Sihn, with Spectrum's approval, that he is a victim of a twisted plot by Kingpin to create a superhuman;  is urged by Sihn to let authorities deal with Kingpin; expresses a debt of gratitude to Justice Squad

Wulfenstein, Manny – Paranormal journalist/investigator hired by Laughton post-issue 13; mentioned in issue 14 as out with Laughton and Hell socially; is concerned over Laughton Agency tactics when hears of Hell’s investigation of Emerald; has his background challenged by Sihn; is found by Sihn to be a mutant of the werewolf variety, but Laughton dismisses the notion; gets Caruthers’ office; is suspected by Sihn post-issue 14 of involvement in Lefty kidnapping but cleared later when Spectrum reads his mind; post-issue 14 makes romantic overtures to Suzanne Palmer though she knows he has at least one girlfriend and likely more; resolves to “just be friends” but claims to need coaching in that role; post-issue 14 it appears he may not be a werewolf as he does not turn when the moon is full; mentioned he is doing well in agency; befriends Sammy, teaching him journalism, mentions he discovered Bat Boy; participates in investigating ABC Millionaire show/CIA; investigates Sihn’s mother at Laughton’s request per Sihn, finding she has a gambling problem; volunteers to survey homeless instead of Caruthers, displaying his regard for Laughton’s hapless victim; discovered to be helping Caruthers get his work done; issue 16 goes to O'Malley's Toxic Neon bar with Justice Squad and Hell; prior to issue 20 approaches Sihn and explains concern and reasoning for seeking out Manny Muzantino; joins the Sihn and Sammy in seeking out Manny Muzantino; suspected by Sihn of turning werewolf and killing livestock on Yasur; issue 20 suspected of publishing story about the alien attempt to take over Laughton Agency; issue 21, on Hunter Island, discovered to be a werewolf by Sammy and Sihn; teaches Sammy detective skills

X, Professor – Publicly the founder and leader of the New School for the Gifted (qv), privately the leader of mutant good-guy team the X-Men; between issues 1 and 2 Sihn contacts him to ensure the safety of Pterodactyl’s (qv) egg; he visits Aela to get the egg; interviews Pterodactyl; mentioned between issues 6 and 7 as Sihn attempts to contact him to ensure his safety, but he is not to be found; issue 8 rescued as part of would-be hostage exchange by JS, apparently having been on failed mission to reform members of Bogeyman's gang; goes back with X-Men; between issues 10 and 11 counsels Sihn on dealing with Lefty; issue 15 is found out to be arrested by the government with the X-Men; issue 16 his disappearance is briefly investigated by Sihn; issue 19 his location becomes Sihn's top priority and is investigated; rescued from Dark Force by Justice Squad

X-Men (AKA X-People) – Mutant super-hero team consisting of Cyclops, Marvel Girl, Storm, Beast, Icicle, and Professor X (see each entry); issue 8 seen picking up Professor X, indicate organization is secret; issue 15 is found out to be arrested by the government

X2783 - ABC name for Sammy

Yasur - volcanic island visited just before issue 20 in search of Manny Muzantino/Lakura, part of Vanuatu