IMRC Addendum

All the regular house rules apply, just a few additions/changes:

The purpose of the IMRC (Independent Mutants' Resource Center) campaign is to provide a framework for single sitting adventures with villainous characters.  As such, there's room for most anyone to show up for a game and there's only limited continuity between adventures.  In fact people may bring multiple characters; at the start of the game the types of villains best suited will be indicated as the villainous IMRC organization looks for the right talent.  Everyone's characters will fit in of course, but anyone with multiple has the option of providing some characters that might better round out the team.

Characters will be based on the current average for villains with as many disadvantages applied in addition.  Any disadvantages will in fact come into more rigorous and immediate play than is often the case in a continuing adventure.  The game has begun with 250 points; the average experience points gained per session are applied to that beginning base so that any characters entering the game come in at a competitive level.  For example, after the first session, the characters gained on average 3.4 XPs, so any new character coming in may have 253 XPs in addition to disadvantages.  Characters start with 200 RPs.  Experience and Reputation points are gained at the "Very Fast" rate. 

Players (as opposed to characters) may also gain "IMRC" points.  These points are gained per the following schedule:

Thus the max you can get for a game is 4 points.  You could possibly end a game with -1 point (though pretty unlikely for this group).

IMRC points can be used to reroll a die roll, ignore HALF the damage of a strike (yes, you can use 2 IMRC points to nullify a strike), or to contact the IMRC for help.  You can bank these.  You can also cash them in for 10 XPs at ANY time for immediate (but not retro) use.