There are eleven (11) character professions.  These are described below; most importantly, these shape the kinds of things the player-character will do, and shape the kinds of opportunities the player-character will have.  The notion here is that the player picks a profession; this profession can be looked at as either something that the character does prior to play (what he does before he gets out of the full-time profession and into loose adventuring) or something that he is continuing to do in the game.  The RM will have to work with the players to resolve how this group might stay together; consider the possibly competing personalities and goals of the characters.  However, this is also where some of the fun comes in. 

1.  RANGER - Rangers are individuals experienced with warcar driving and scouting for and escorting of caravans.  Rangers are generally tough, individualistic, and often merciless, though rarely cruel.  The ranger type is loosely based on the main character played by Mel Gibson in the Road Warrior movies.

2.  BIKER - Motorcycle drivers are rough leather-and-chain types who get their kicks travelling (often, though not exclusively, in groups) and satisfying their baser urges.  They may be philosphical nihilists with a deeper inner search going on or plain insane.  The biker type is loosely based on the bikers in the Road Warrior movies or even the stereotypical bikers in films like the Wild Ones.

3.  REPOMAN - Many people spend their time living in the cities and repossessing cars for adventure and profit.  Motivated by the desire for a risky, high profit lifestyle, repomen (and women) are among the most tricky and formidable urban adventurers.  Obviously based on the movie Repo Man (if you haven't seen it, do).

4.  ASSASSIN - Assassins are respected professionals, despite the secrecy and immorality of their work.  In a violent world with so many axes to grind and so many conspiracies, they are in high demand, and it is one of the few avenues of social mobility still available.  They're rarely grim types; more often than not they are sophisticated, even fun-loving, jetsetters.

5.  SECRET POLICE - A select few go into secret service for the mysterious world government, and, upon early retirement, spend their time working for various agencies and highly placed persons.  Secret policepeople tend to be quiet, calculating, unsympathetic, and even uncaring.  This stereotype comes from any futuristic film with cool bad guy secret agents; the movie Diva has good examples of these types. 

6.  POPULATION CONTROL - Population control people tend to be unemotional and apathetic on the outside, despite (or more likely because of) their training was to, by force, exterminate some of the population.  Throughout their post-retirement life they, behind their stony facade, feel they must continually reduce the population of the cities, either by direct murder or forcing people into the wilderness.  They are often motivated by a pathological hatred of mankind or by a pathological hatred of urban dwellers.  A rare few attempt to live down their years in population control by helping people.  Almost anyone from population control is deeply emotionally unstable though that is rarely demonstrated.  Many get into the "trade" believing they can put up with the immoral purposes in order to make the good living all population control "experts" receive, along with the good early retirement program.  This is actually based on an odd dream by this writer!

7.  TERMINATOR - Some assassins exclusively slay androids; the risks are high but the money is good.  Unlike the typical assassin, terminators tend to be cynical and grim, perhaps because they go in believing androids are not live and end up questioning just what life is.  This is obviously based on the central character of Blade Runner.

8.  PRIVATE INVESTIGATOR - Many potential secret police, due to their emotional or physical nature, reject the secret police route (or are rejected by it) and instead, often after brief stints as police detectives or aides to private investigators, take up a life of investigating for private citizens.  Any hard-boiled detective type or cyber-detective type will do here.

9.  PUNK - Some mentally unstable people reject conformity and don strange, savage appearances and enjoy a life of unbridled attempts at satisfying momentary lusts.  This type is based specifically on the punks in Repo Man and the mohawk-haired nuts in Road Warrior movies.

10.  DILLINGER - Named for one of the great criminals, dillingers (typically a small "d") are self-righteous rhetorical victors of the underdogs, flagrantly disobeying laws which they view as hurting the poor and protecting the rich.  Some dillingers are indeed noble (but annoying) while others are little more than thieves hiding behind a guise of morality.  There's no specific movie or book reference for this type but it should be easy to fill in the blanks.

11.  VIGILANTE - A few concerned citizens, too individualistic or too unstable or too self-righteous to join the police, take to the streets and, as the super-heroes of comic books, fight the evils of criminals, corrupt politicians, and would-be world rulers.  However, this world does not have people with super powers and these vigilantes range in nature from the anti-hero of Falling Down to the good-guys of pulp tales. 

Selecting a profession enables a character to begin an internship and thus gain skills, increase abilities, and earn benefits (including weaponry).  The actual game-playing begins after those things are done.