A character has six (6) basic characteristics, determining what are called his "abilities".  A player determines his character by randomly creating three characters and picking one.  In order to randomly create a character, one rolls a certain side dice (this rules system will refer to several types of dice:   d100 = a die with "one hundred sides", which usually means rolling two dice with ten sides each, calling one the first digit and one the second digit (00 = 100); d50 = a fify sided die, which is usually done by rolling a d100 and dividing by 2 and dropping the fraction; d20 = a twenty sided die; d12 = a twelve sided die; d10 = a ten sided die; d8 = an eight sided die; d6 = a six sided die; and d4 = a four sided die) for each ability, according to the chart below:

Ability Roll...
LUCK 50+d50

Thus, for example, a player would roll up his first character; if he rolls a 32 for luck (perhaps a 65 on d100, divided in half, drop the fraction) then this character's luck would be 82.  He rolls 18 for muscular build.  5 for accuracy.  8 for driving . 2 for agility.  And finally 7 for charisma.   That's pretty good . His second character ends up 72 luck, 5 muscular build, 8 accuracy, 4 driving, 4 agility, and 2 charisma.  His third character ends up 60 luck, 12 muscular build, 5 accuracy, 10 driving, 3 agility, and 4 charisma.  He decides he likes the first character and picks that, as that character is really good in most areas.

Before picking which of the three characters you want to pick, you may wish to review the profession you will end up.  Each player-character (whichever one is picked) needs a profession...