Office DOGs at the Watercooler

There are many consultancies around the corporate world, each with their own methodology.  But it is clear to the true corporate leaders that the best is the Davidson Oligmueller Group (DOG).  Corporations that have turned to the DOG have found great success.  Sure, there are many companies that do notembrace the DOG, but they are short-sighted.  Believers in the DOG methodology and principle ascribe their success to strict adherence to the DOG's Code.  The Code is the template defining the ethical principles, best practices, organizational structure, and business process approach for long-term success.

Each company subscribing to the Code has an on-site representative of the DOG, the Site Consultant.  The Site Consultant advises on all corporate matters and interprets the Code when needed.  Each Site Consultant reports directly to the Central Management Board of the DOG.  

But a special class audits subscribing corporations.  These field agents are younger men, fresh out of intensive training in the DOG Code and operating procedures.  While formally their title is Auditing Consultant, they are the true face of the DOG and are commonly called the "Office Dogs" or simply "Dogs".  The Dogs are ambitious men who were discovered to have the true talent and right kind of drive while attaining their MBA and were selected to attend DOG University.  DOG University put them through two to four (depending on the student's learning) grueling years of challenging  situations and hands-on experiences.  The Office Dogs are then sent to audit subscribing companies.  Sometimes they find things in good stead, giving their seal of approval, shaking heartily the Site Consultant's hand, and moving on.  Sometimes they find troubled companies, companies that have gone astray from or even bastardized the Code, or, worse, only pay face value to the Code.  Sometimes these companies are even in legal trouble.  It happens  Often people from non-subscribing companies don't really take on to the new ways, either perverting the Code with older dogma from their past experiences or subverting the Code, or someone thinks so highly of himself that he believes he knows the Code better than the DOG itself

In any situation, the Office Dogs are the corporate law.  They are respected - at least by decent and steadfast staff - as the prime authority enforcing the Code.  Office Dogs can cause people to be fired, make companies change course, even get involved in and approve day-to-day decision-making.  Still, that doesn't mean that corporate officers don't resist the Dogs at times.  Either as they have something to hide or simply believe the Dogs have something wrong, staff may challenge the authority af the Dogs.  This is where the years of training the Dogs received pays off.   With their acuity, presence, will, anad heart they respond quickly and effectively, using the Code, their keen business sense, their force of personality, and political skills to prove their naysayers wrong - or find out that perhaps, as does happen, a naysayer has a worthwhile challenge and needs to be better considered.

Whatever situation they handle, the Dogs move on, often never to see how their efforts paid off.  Being an Office Dog is a tiring life-style, with Dogs often functioning on little sleep and massive infusions of caffeine.  Constant life on the road takes a toll.  Often after a few years Dogs settle down to be Site Consultants or join the Central Management Board.  A few join subscribing companies as regular staff, settling down to a simpler  life.  Sometimes they retire altogether, a good pension assured.  The rare Dog continues in the field for 10 or more years.