Disavowed World Setting

The "Disavowed" game is based loosely on a comic book which I enjoyed (other than the ending) and you may wish to check out (I'll hold on to it for now, eventually will give it away).  However, it's easy to understand without reference to the comic book.

The world is as we know it - on the surface.  Nothing is different in regard to world history and the like or politics or anything else as far as your characters know. 

But below the surface, as it says in Hellboy, "there are things that go bump in the night" and there are similarly dark and deep secretive conspiracies aimed to take over the world.  You are (again as paraphrased from Hellboy) that which "bumps back".  These secret villainies are kept in check often through the efforts of the organization you will work for - International Operations.  

International Operations (IO) is an organization that operates under the auspices of Interpol.  It's a highly secretive group that is only publicly known as a "information-gathering" operation.  Its budget is fairly small - on paper.  In secret it has a massive budget which is hidden primarily as the organization has found a way to raise money on its own.  Even world governments are mostly oblivious to IO, the only exceptions being among some equally secretive and shadowy government organizations.  What IO really does is combat mystical villains, aliens, evil metahumans, secret ancient conspiracies, and the like.  They were formed shortly after the UN was founded by a few special operatives, government sponsors, and industrialists who had been exposed to some (now long-buried secret) conspiracy Hitler had employed that nearly succeeded as well as the actual results of the Roswell crash. 

But as stated your characters, at least mostly, don't know about that.  You may submit a character with some awareness or interplay with IO, but please note that is not preferred and certainly I won't allow more than one or two to have such characters.  Your character may have an awareness of one of the aforementioned threats, but not more than one.  If your character has such an awareness, it is best if it is vague.  Tragic or bizarre entrees into this world are welcome - you may want your character to have an awareness of aliens, for example, because their spouse was abducted by them, and, of course, they have an unusual skill or ability or background that IO is interested in.

IO will be a good-guy organization and while your character may have some reluctance towards heroism, they should essentially be good as well.  They are welcome to be rough, even killers.  Please note that IO will not select psychopaths or the like as they can't afford to be compromised by "cowboy" operatives.  Similarly, you will have to work in a team, however you make that fit.  Your character will not be betrayed by IO.  While characters may be paranoid to some degree, they should be capable of developing a deep trust for IO in the mid-term.

The world will be tough and gritty.  Death may occur, both of NPCs AND PCs!  While your missions will always have a higher purpose that you can trust (there may be a moral quandary in tactics but you guys shouldn't be questioning the missions themselves, as stated above you can trust IO), the world is realistic, if not more sinister than real life.  This will be very episodic in nature.

Your character may have a mutation or other oddity.  However, it should be restrained of course, and mutations/metahumans are very rare.  Characters are built on 75+75 points.  A few house rules will be linked here soon...