Supernatural Attack

Allows a character to attack victims with supernatural, unknown powers. Many characters have this, including the Spectre, Dr. Fate, Dr. Strange, etc.. Supernatural Attacks are applied against supernatural defense, but are based on normal CV with -1/3".  They may instead be based on ECV, in which case they also go line of sight with no range mod - but this must be declared at the time the power is purchased, and cannot be subsequently changed (not without explicit GM permission anyway).  It is bought as STUN only.  

The SFX of supernatural attacks are a bonus in general.  Supernatural attacks generally ignore intervening physical and energy barriers, even if they are opaque.  Naturally, normal aiming requirements apply.  Supernatural attacks have a better chance of hitting a Desolid character simply depending on SFX.  This might be taken to mean that these attacks would have no impact on robots and such; generally they will as robots that are animate have a life force, but like with mental powers there may be instances of real machinery that simply cannot be affected.  Along with supernatural attacks comes an implied supernatural sense, similar to that granted with mental powers.  Characters with this have some idea regarding other magical beings and objects, though not to the extent a skill would grant.  Also, compared to NNDs, they are more powerful as so few people have enough defense - please see below for some NND comments. Only the tougher villains have substantial SD.

As some insight, I see genre-wise 3 types of (beyond speaking in rules mechanics) supernatural attacks: 

  1. weaker attacks that take down regular people even with heavy armor (as it doesn't apply) with ease; a 6d6 Supernatural Attack will stun an agent no matter how prepared they are against NNDs; apply area effect or some-such and it's extremely powerful in this limited regard; these types of attacks are usually vertigo, queasiness, or fear based
  2. heavier attacks that manifest "physically"; these are just Energy Blasts, nothing more and nothing less; just because a magician casts them doesn't mean too much; adding the supernaturally based advantage is primarily useful when you are stepping up to do BOD damage with it through SD, so of course it gets real expensive (+2 for normal damage, +3 for Killing, setting aside Ego-based for the moment)
  3. heavier truly supernatural attacks; rarer when you see magicians go up against high-powered but still physical villains, so they are bit cost-ineffective

  Every 10 points of Supernatural Attack gives the character 1d6 of STUN only damage. The range of a Supernatural Attack is line of sight and it requires 1 END per 5 points used. Supernatural Attacks are obvious.

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