Allows a character to come back to life after being killed. It takes time to return, and points are lost after every return. The Red Skull and Dr. Doom are killed all the time, only to return. The character "dies" but may come back a certain number of months later. Once "dead" through Pseudo-Death, the killer(s) will have no idea the character is alive, and even further damage against the slain character will be meaningless. Once the "dead" character returns, however, the slate is clean and he may be killed again; on return, all BOD, STUN, and END and other losses are recovered.

It costs 20 points for each use of Pseudo-Death. Upon returning, a character loses permanently (though he may buy more through experience) those 20 points. Pseudo-Death costs no END. Also, upon returning, a character loses 1 BOD, which he may buy back with experience. Pseudo-Death is in no way visible.

To determine how quickly one may return, the character rolls 1d6 for every 20 points currently in Pseudo-Death. The BOD of the death blow is subtracted from the number rolled. That number is then subtracted from 12, and that is the number of months later that the character may return. For example, a character with 60 Pseudo-Death right before being killed by a death blow of 7 BOD would roll 3d6. If he got 15, he would come back to active campaigning in 4 months (15-7 BOD = 8, 12 months - 8=4). If he had gotten a 3, he would not come back for 16 months (3-7 BOD = negative 4, 12 months - -4=16). While "dead", the character may be aware of world events, depending upon how he defines his Pseudo-Death to work.

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