Allows a character invulnerability to a particular attack; it must be bought once for each attack for which invulnerability is desired.  Vampires are invulnerable to most physical attacks. This power affords Invulnerability to both STUN and BOD from attacks as bought. It may be bought several times for different attacks and must be specific as to what type of attack the character will be invulnerable to. "Energy Blast" is not appropriate, for example, but "Heat Attacks" is appropriate. An Invulnerability costs more according to how common or specific the attack is. Examples of Uncommon or Very Specific Attacks include "Earthquake Attacks", "Gravitic Attacks", "Acid Rain Attacks"; examples of Common or Specific Attacks include "Bazooka Attacks", "Nuclear/Radioactive Attacks", "Water Attacks", "Chemical Attacks", "Laser Attacks", "Sonic Attacks"; examples of Very Common or General Attacks include "Wand-based Attacks", "Common Bullets", "Heat Attacks", "Pointed Attacks". Note that variations can often be concocted to get around Invulnerabilities. For example, a silver bullet is not a "Common Bullet" and would work against a character with an Invulnerability against "Common Bullets". Ultimately, a character must always have some vulnerability, even if he buys this power enough to be invulnerable to nearly everything.

GMs may decide what type an attack is according to the campaign and what the character will mostly interact with. This is a powerful ability, and limitations should be carefully applied; for example, a times per day limitation would defeat the purpose of this as an Uncommon or Very Specific Attack will seldom be encountered many times. Invulnerability does not include Invulnerability to side effects from an attack (for example, if an attack includes a Flash or Darkness or other non-STUN and non-BOD effects, those would still be effective). Also, GMs should be careful in not granting "Invulnerable to Illusion Attacks" or "Invulnerable to Mental Attacks", although variations such as "Invulnerable to Mental Attacks Based on Mood" (as Uncommon) or "Invulnerable to Illusions with Animals" (also as Uncommon) could apply or even "Invulnerable to Brain Wave Attacks" (Common, contextually).

Importantly, for each Invulnerability or all as a collection (preferably the latter), there must be a -0 Side Effect which is subtle or cosmetic.  It does not need to have a direct effect on the PC or his cohorts.

Invulnerability costs 15 points for an Uncommon or Very Specific Attack, 20 points for a Common or Specific Attack, and 30 points for a Very Common or General Attack. It costs no END, and is obvious when the character is hit by an attack he is invulnerable to.

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