Find Character Weakness

Unlike the skill, grants a player the luxury of finding weak characteristics or vulnerabilities of others. The Spectre can do this, and sometimes John Constantine or other occultists can do this. A character can (must specify when buying) find a vulnerability, susceptibility, or psychological limitation; or find the target's most prized value or power. This power may only be attempted (whether successful) once per target. The character rolls 3d6 and must obtain 11 or less plus modifiers. The roll may be modified by the character buying the power up and by the target having Lack of Weakness (which subtracts from this power exactly as it does the skill Find Weakness). The GM reveals the weakness as he sees fit.

Find Weakness costs 15 points for the 11 or less roll on 3d6. The power works against any person the character can see. Every additional 5 points spent adds 1 to the target number. For a +1 advantage, the number of attempts can be increased by 1. Find Weakness costs 1 END per 5 points used. It is not obvious, but the target feels "something" of unknown origin.

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