Falling Attack

Allows a character to force others to fall or have difficulty traversing an area. Iceman of the X-Men had this. This allows a character to create an area which is slippery (or, if in the air, windy). This power is an area effect, going off in a radius from a specified hex. The area remains a "falling" area as long as the character expends END. All movement may be effectively slowed by 1/2; characters attempting any movement greater than a half move risk falling and suffering a normal 1d6 physical or energy attack for every 5 points added to the Falling Attack power.  Flying, teleporting, or tunneling characters must make this falling roll to continue flying, teleporting, or tunneling through an affected area, as appropriate, except that teleporting characters risk falling on teleporting into a falling zone as if they were taking a full move (of course, the teleportation itself is successful) - according of course to SFX and GM rulings.

Falling Attack is a construct based on Change Environment.  This is bought as normal, with the modifiers as the character pleases usually (for this type of attack) applied against DEX rolls, DCV, and/or OCV.  A -1/4 may normally be applied if this only affects a surface (as opposed to the air in the area, as in some sort of wind tunnel attack).  Please follow an example from the 5th edition book under Change Environment.

Secondarily, if a character attempts to move through the environment of the falling attack, they must make a DEX roll to not fall.  For each 2" of movement, -1 is applied to the roll.  The penalty for DEX rolls as purchased as part of the Change Environment is of course added to this.  If the character falls, they automatically (no further attack roll) take a Martial Throw maneuver, with 1d6 as STR damage for every 5 points additional spent on the Change Environment/Falling Attack power.  The throw results in the character falling randomly in any adjacent hex or the same hex.

Normal defenses may be taken in these circumstances, including Breakfall to prevent falling and any gear or special effects that would provide gripping (including of course Clinging).  

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