Roadworld is based on Blade Runner + Repo Man + Road Warrior + Judge Dredd + other ideas.  The setting is the 24th century.  The world is on a downhill slide, morally, economically, and environmentally.  The cities, which have become sprawling metropolises larger than many of the former states of the United States, hve become independent throughout the world.  A world government of sorts exists but its authority is uncertain, other than it interferes frequently via its secret police.   Resources are becoming scarce and the technologically gifted are isolated and despised, becoming a dying breed.  The great accomplishments of the past are fading away and those who embody it have become symbols rather of an economic system which has increased the gap between the rich and the poor to the point where they don't even see each other anymore.  The poor, in fact, are often exterminated en masse by squads employed by the cities; these squads are known as "Population Control".   The cities themselves are becoming as isolated as ancient Greek city-states, as they are housed in massive geodesic domes, regulating their environment (but accidents seem to be increasingly happening).  The outside environment is wild and unruly, inhabited by thugs and irradiated freaks; being cast into the wilderness is virtually a death sentence, except for those who are extremely tough or extremely clever.  Fossil fuels are almost nonexistent; flight has been abandoned due to increasing lack of safety and the scarcity of fuel.  Massive truck convoys lurch slowly between cities, conserving their fuel by going very slowly (almost running on fumes) and steady.  The intercity infrastructure is nearing disintegration and what were once highways are crumbled dirty trails, often blocked by debris - which often serves as a point where the marauding biker thugs living outside the cities can ambush the truck convoys.  Any GM can fill in the gaps, of course, but those are the basics.  By reading through the rules, including especially the player character professions, one can learn much more about this world.

This ruleset is assuming that the reader has a basic understanding of roleplaying.  For those who are not sure what roleplaying is but are intrigued, just feel free to e-mail me for now (I don't imagine I'll be getting non-roleplayer traffic but I'm pleased to answer inquiries).  Note that the traditional role of "GM" or "GamesMaster" is taken in this game by a "RoadMaster" - "RM".

PLEASE NOTE THAT SOME OF THESE PAGES TAKE A LONG TIME TO LOAD AT 28.8.  The reason is that rather than use a lot of hyperlinks, the intent is to keep these in a few printable pages.  The alternative would make it harder to print this out but quicker to navigate on-line.  Please feel free, as above, to e-mail me with input regarding this as well.


Professional Development
Movement and Combat