Welcome to Realschluss - a simple gaming site

A proud supporter of HERO Games!

Realschluss Games "proper" is a home for some RPGs and related games I'd like to post but seems I rarely do.  These include:

Roadworld - version 1.0 released October, 1999 - a future world based loosely on Blade Runner, Repo Man, Road Warrior, and related ideas
Ruinworld (release due...someday!)
others coming...


Other Realschluss resources :

Games I'm currently hosting at Guardian Games, in Portland, OR

The Incredibles! in HERO Designer files and HTML, as statted in HERO version 5.

S. Chad Riley's NPCs  - wonderful collection of characters in HERO Designer - HDCs provided as well as writeups in HTML

Mapping resources:  specific to HERO but usable with many other games undoubtedly. 

Counters and standup minis:  for now this has a set provided by a kind HERO boards poster, Etherio/Josh/Wolfjack

Character pictures, established and unknown characters alike

HERO Designer files. for HERO in general, not specifically for Realschluss games

City of Hero Pics - Shirtless Bob Covers 

Now "X-Champions" is being posted here - it's not really an X thing in the Marvel sense but has some inspiration thereof.  X-Champions is my current HERO campaign though the world has now been "liberalized" to support a Mutants and Masterminds game.

Disavowed is a gritty mysterious agents sort of game loosely based on the comic book.

Miscellaneous pages in support of games I've played in or have played in.

I also post the Jack Hell info for Shelley Mactyre's Deco-Champions game, now defunct.

As well as information on Ezekiel Fire for Kirk Lund's Midnight Zephyr - also defunct!

Champions is the super-hero genre by Hero Games.  

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